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eMachines desktop computer

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very good computer, execelent


It is a very good computer exelente to work witth it. I like it because is affordable, easy to install.It get some time slow but we do a weekly clean up and defragmentation. Like any equipment we take care for long lanting use. I think if you learn to update your computer get a good anti viral and use the internet wisely and prevent getting your computer sick with a virus it will last. Learn every day what is thwe terminology and language of the computer understanding how it works then it will last. Like any electronic equipment they can get damage. If they do so then fix it and learn to take care of it. I thinhk if a great computer and fit our needs. Every day I leran more about how to use it and become more familiar with all the bugs.This way I am one step ahead to keep my computer working.

Belgrade, MT


eMachines desktop computer

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