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eMachines desktop computer

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Great computer for under 500.00


I got this computer from someone who didn't need it anymore.  When I first got it, it was missing a harddrive so I installed a seagate I had and booted it up.  When I initially looked up the model online, I discovered there are two T5048 and T5048A.  I realized I have T5048A and could find very little regarding its specs.   I bought some new ram and I got the pc 4200 1gbDDR2 ram and it works perfectly.   It has onboard ati 200 xpress, it's really an ok video card, it does take away from your ram, 128 for the video.  It's great if you're not a gamer.  The only games I can play with this onboard video card are Rogue Spear and Quake.  I love both of these games, don't get me wrong, but I long moved on and fell in love with the Battlefield Series.  This computer cost around 500.00 new right now, and it's worth it.  It runs fast and smooth, doesn't have any problems.  It runs quietly and it boots quickly.  It's a pretty great computer over all.

Las Vegas, NV


the emachine t5048 is a great buy!


The emachine t5048 is a great buy! I would reccommend it to anyone I love this computer. If I had to do it all over again I would by it again. I am not a techie but I am sure that any techie would love to have a t5048 desk top computer.

Tabor City, NC


Walmart's E Machine has alot to be desired


We have purchased 3 of Walmart's E Machines and have not been satisfied with any of them.  The longivity is lacking for sure.  Why did you buy 3, then, you ask?  lol  Because we shop Walmart!  Nevertheless, we will definately not buy another one.  Nor will we recommend an E Machine to anyone else.  Yes, they are cheaper pricewise, but they are also cheaper all around!  Ya get what ya pay for. The simplicity of the machines is there, but these computers seem to get bound up easily.  The capacity of the harddrive is minimal. Hubby builds our computers now-a-days and we are much more pleased; especially with the harddrive capacities. A first time buyer would be fine with an e machine, or perhaps a child, but I definately do NOT recommend them for an experienced computer operator. All 3 of ours each lasted maybe a couple of years at the most.  If properly cared for, a computer should outlast a couple of years, I would suppose.

Conway, AR


The emachine T5048 is a great computer to start with.


I bought this computer, an emachine T5048, two and a half years ago, and it still works great. This is the first computer I ever bought, and I have little experience with electronics in general; computers especially. I needed the computer primarily for school work and email, and I have no complaints toward that end. One complaint I do have is that I recently tried to install The Sims 2. I have the original on here, and it plays fine. The Sims 2, however, will not play. I installed the game, and when I tried to play it, it would never finish loading. I tried again; same thing. I then re-installed the game, and the same thing happened. Granted, I have yet to ask a more tech-savvy person than I for advice. It could be something I'm doing wrong. It is annoying, though. I am not much of a video game person, besides The Sims, so I really can't comment on how well this machine works for that purpose. Online shopping, research for school or pleasure, watching Lost (yay!), and email are the primary tasks I put to this machine, and it works. It wasn't very expensive either, so I am pleased.

Tulsa, OK


Probably would not buy this one again


Having bought Emachines before we thought this one would be a great buy. It has lasted us 2 years and now is being handed over to the kids as a play computer. It runs VERY loud and even with extra memory and RAM we installed still runs slow sometimes. Those being the only drawbacks. I guess you get what you pay for it is fairly inexpensive and if you needed a basic omputer this would be fine.

Lawton, OK


eMachines desktop computer

3.4 5