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eMachines desktop computer

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affordable, but you get what you pay for, over time they crash


At first the T5230 was perfect, very affordable while i was in school and did pretty much everything i nedded it to, after about a year it started to just crash randomly, parts constantly need replaced like video cards and processor's, and it not that old, im going to school for computer administration so its easy for me to fix but would cost a lot of money for the average pc user to fix, and that would make for one expensive cheap computer if you know what i mean, i would recommend staying away from the e-machine line and spending a little more in the beginning to save a lot more in the end

Strongsville, OH


The emachine T5230 is a good product for the money


* I bought the emachine T5230 in February of this year. It is the first computer I have owned although I have had access to and used many different types. I bought the computer on-line and was not familiar with the brand name but I got a good deal. I would have to say that overall I am pleased with the machine and it's capabilities. I am still familiarizing myself with the Vista program and find that alot of things are not compatible with the Operating System.I would recommend this machine to others on a budget.*

Pittsburgh, PA


eMachines desktop computer

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