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eMachines PC desktop computer

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Absolutely Love This Computer!


I absolutely love this computer! I don't have any trouble with Vista. It doesn't slow my computer down at all! Perhaps the people that are complaining about Vista making their computer slow should be blaming their anti-virus program. Vista makes this computer great! I recommend this computer to everyone. This is my second eMachines computer and my first one is still working wonderfully! I needed another computer for the family so I had no hesitation on buying another eMachines. I will buy another one again in a heartbeat! The color of this computer is nice, too! Very sleek looking with the black color. Love it!

Rockford, IL


Cheap Machine, does not do well with Vista


This machine has a nice sized processor.  Unfortunately it is too slow for Vista.  Vista does not run well on this machine.  Whomever thought it was a good idea to put it on this machine obviously did NOT use the machine after adding it.  Start up and reboot times are horrible. I ended up switching out vista and putting my windows xp pro on it.  Much happier with the system that way.  I would recommend doing that if you're looking for a cheap machine worth the money.

Achille, OK


You get what you pay for!


I like this e-machine because we didn't pay a lot of money for it. The down sides are that it came with the wondows vista home operation system and because of that we had to purchase all new software! Windows vista has caused my new computer to slow down considerably!   I do like the color of this tower, it it black and looks sleek and indescreet compared to my old, huge, chunky, cream colored tower.

Manchester, NH


eMachines PC desktop computer

3.3 3