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eMachines Notebook PC

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Worst customer service in the industry


Not a bad laptop, it's a bit slow, but gets the job done.  however the customer service is truly horrendous.  The lcd screen stopped working on mine after 10 months.  I could not find a phone number anywhere to call an actual live person for tech support and had to result the their online chat.  upon giving them the serial number the first thing I was told, was that it was out of warranty and I could pay to have it repaired.  even though I had the receipt in front of me proving it still had 2 months left on the warranty.  Dealing with the support drone on the other end of the chat was sheer torture.  English must have been his third or fourth language.  His language was so bad I swore I was taking the turing test, and it was failing.  after trying to get some help he disconnected on me.After that I turned to email in my next vain help to get them to acknowledge that the warranty was still valid.  After 4 days, being denied 6 times and told off once, I managed to get through and was able to send them a scanned copy of the receipt.  After that the said it was under warranty.  Then they had me jump through many hoops and questions to see if they could find another way to invalidate me.After they found no other way, they told me to courier it to them(since they don't allow the use of the post office) at my expense, and sent me a 4 page list of very specific packaging instructions to follow or it wouldn't be covered.  I managed to comply with these too and now have to wait and see if they can find another way to screw me.They really do have the worlds very worst repair service.

Ballwin, MO


"emachines D620" is an average computer for non techies.


I was given this computer and found it to be only good for basic uses. Such as basic inernet, email, and standard office activities. I tried to use online by downloading music and other media- movies, screen savers, etc., and found it to be adaquite. I tried to do some online gaming with this laptop and found it to be seriously lacking the processing power and graphics control needed to do this. Ever time I tried to down load anything it took twice as long as it did with my 10 year old DELL desktop, even with cable internet. During trying to do some college homework I found it to be falling short of memory and speed. It always seemed to take for ever to open programs and even to boot up.  I checked into adding more RAM and a more powerful processor, but found out that it would honestly be cheaper to just by another computer. I honestly would not consider buying or even using this computer for anyone but children  because of the specification that come standard on this computer. 

Goldsboro, NC


Just as good as the really good brand names.


Emachines do make good computers. I have a mine for about a year and a half and it still works great. It has WiFi go you can connect anywhere there is WiFi. Emachine are somewhat inexpensive but I think they still work just as good as a high priced laptop. I love my Emachine!! There are a few things that I do not like about my Emachine is that it does not a built-in webcam and it only has 2 USB ports. Emachines is not a really known brand because I know I never heard of this brand of brand laptop until I went looking for one. I know I want a laptop at a cheap price, but I also want it to perform really well. On my Emachine I can surf the web really easy, check my email, and play games online with ease. It is great for watching movies and playing PC games. The screen is a 15 inch which I think is really nice for what I paid for it. I may also say that the keyboard is a very nice size and the button are easy to press. I have also notice that even though Emachines do not say that their product is spill-proof, I have spill many things by accident on my Emachine and it still works just like the day I brought it. Emachine also has a built-in microphone and an output for a microphone. I haven't really used these on my Emachine so I can't really say how they work. On Emachine you can burn CDs and DVDs. I have had a lot of fun with this featutre because you do not need a separate burner installed to do this. It is all built-in. I think my Emachine is great and a pretty good laptop for what I wanted to pay for a laptop.

Gramercy, LA


I have been very pleased with my E machine D620 Laptop!


*Everyone cannot believe what Ipaid for my laptop- It has everything I need- Cd burner/player,built in wireless, microphone,great graphics and ease of use. I have had it for almost 6 months and it contnues to amaze me! It loads quickly when i turn it on  and I feel like I haven't even begun to do with it all itis capabable of doing. *

Poplarville, MS


This computer is not one of the best.


This is the first laptop I ever had, and boy am I glad I got another one FAST. The specs looked decent, with 160GB harddrive and 2 GB of RAM, but the major disadvantage was the processor speed, which was 1.6 GhZ only. This didnt give me enough processor speed to do much of anything, other than basic web browsing. I was also not impressed with the durability of the computer, as it had to be replaced at 8 months due to the excessive crashing. While this computer is very inexpensive, it is not worth paying 50 bucks for, much less the retail price of 379.99. Dont waste your money, or your time at that matter.

Brooksville, FL


Emachines are good for the price.


I have had both good and bad experiences with this computer.  It works well, provides good fast internet.  Small and light weight.  It did slow down on me for a while and I had to contact the manufacturer and suggested I reinstall the entire operating system and I lost some data.  I like the idea that I did have a one year manufacturer warranty.  I still recommend buying a separate warranty. 

Pharr, TX


eMachines Notebook PC

2.8 6