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eMachines Laptop

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Great computer!!


I absolutely love this laptop.  My husband and I bought it for my 12 year old for Christmas this year.  It works perfect.  she absolutely has a blast with it.  It was as cheap as a netbook.  but with better specs and a larger screen.  It holds a ton of information.   She uses it for homework, games and looking around on the internet.   This is by far one ot the best computer purchases I have made.  It was so cheap I was alittle bit skeptical about it.  I wasn't sure if it would be worth anything or not because of the price.   Now I wish I had bought me one too.  It works as fast as the one I bought my husband and I bought him a much more expensive one.  If you are looking for a cheap computer that doesn't take up alot of room but still works great,  I would definitely recommend this one.  Especially if you are buying it just to surf the internet or for a first computer.   We have not had any trouble with it.  It works perfect!!!!!

London, KY


Cheap laptop that works great


I use my brother in laws Emachines D252 laptop computer everyday. I think this computer is awsome. I find that it picks up wireless internet easier than other laptops in my house. Compared to the other laptops in my house I get 5 bars to thier 2 bars so I get to enjoy the internet. I also like how compact this laptop is. It folds down and becomes small enough to fit in some of my bigger purses. This laptop is also very lightweight so I can carry it around anywhere without it hurting my arms and making me tired. One slight downside to this laptop is that the screen is smaller than others. I can't quite see everything the way I would like to. I'd also prefer it if the sound volume were higher but it works well enough if your surrounding are not compleatly loud. I plan on buying one of these computers for myself because they are sold for a reasonable price and they really are quality made. I might buy my husband his own also.

Pflugerville, TX


Very convinient for home use


This is a very convinient laptop for home use only, I had to install Microsoft word because it did not come with the program from factory, which I think its unconvinient if you are trying to print letters, invitations, and other home and children related items without this program. The battery is not the greatest in the world, it will only give you roughly about 3 hours of continious usage, which when you are paying bills and banking you do have to be pluged in. The touch pad does "stick" a bit, sometimes I have to turn of the touch pad and turn it back on so it can work properly but nothing major. I have tried to copy some of my cds for back up but it seems that the laptop does not read the cd, I could only read 9 track when the cd had 23, I have not tried it again but plan to. My sons does like all the games that come with this laptop  But for the price I got it its not bad, besides this is my first lap top and I think its good.

Houston, TX


eMachines Laptop

4.0 3