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Terrible! Unfair service Edreams. Beware, multiple charges!


Terrible! Unfair service Edreams. Beware, multiple charges! I would not recommend anyone. I bought tickets week ago WAW-BCN-WAW for 4 people, price was 540 EUR and 50 EUR discount for payment of visa debit card on Edreams.es which does not exist. E dreams took from my card 2 X 320 EUR (!) and I received messages saying that I should increase the limits on the card to pay more money. After a few days edreams was written that there was a server crash, I was only refunded 275 EUR, the bank took 45 EUR as exchange costs. The reservation was canceled, the rest of the money was not refunded and even no ,,sorry'' from Edreams. Only yesterday after telephone intervention, they kindly said that they would refund the rest of the money minus the exchange costs. With the fault of edreams I lost 90 EUR, server crash was not my fault. They illegally took a double amount of 320 Eur and they lied writing yesterday that they had to cancel the reservation for lack of money. After 10 days they did not return unlawfully taken money. There is no option to write a message on Edreams, only expensive international phone calls. Instead of explaining and refunding money, they send me unwanted advertisements. I will seek legal opportunities, recover my money unlawfully seized. How such a large international service can be so unfair! Never again will I use dishonest Edreams.


Lublin, Poland


Okay for booking travel


I give this website only a seven because I really dislike when I'm trying to do something as important as booking a flight, reserving a room or buying a vacation package and the website has advertising flashing all over the top and sides of the homepage. It's very distracting and really leaves a bad impression of the company, in my eyes at least. But aside from the advertising flashing in your eyes, the rest of the sight is very easy to use and you can do anything from book a flight, reserve a room, explore vacation packages and more. Ease of Use There is a search feature on the front page that you enter dates you want to travel or other pertinent information related to the reason you are on the site, then the website does the searching for you! Features The search feature is very easy to use and returns a lot of results, some even pleasantly surprising that I wouldn't have thought of other wise. Customer Service They do provide a phone number right on the home page, but it's not a toll free phone number! Another reason to dislike this site a bit more.




Edreams.com Can Help Make Your Travel Dream Come True


Do you like to travel? Are you tired of using the big name travel web sites like Expedia.com, Travelocity.com, and Priceline? If you want to try a web site that is a little less well known but still a reliable service with good deals, then you might like Edreams.com, a full service travel retailer. **Web Site Commentary:** Edreams.com is a travel web site that sells a broad range of travel services. Those who logon to Edreams.com will find that it offers flights, hotels, car rentals, and vacation packages for sale. The site doesn't sell cruises but it does sell the other major types of travel services. What I like best about Edreams.com is the breadth of its searches. Search for a flight and it will scan through dozens of airlines- including ones you wouldn't even think offered service to your destination- and then return with a list that can sometimes include a few hundred itineraries. This helps the traveler find exactly the combination of times to and from their destination to fit their needs. The flights list out in price order, too, so you can find the one that is priced right and still offers an acceptable flight time. The hotel and car searching functions at Edreams.com are not quite as extensive as the flight searches, but they are still good. The service goes out of its way to find just the right lodging or car rental and with the lodging, there is a good deal of information to help with making the decision. **My Bottom Line Viewpoint:** The searches at Edreams.com can take a little longer than they take in other travel sites and the reason is because Edreams.com scans so many places and options. The lodging doesn't allow searching by a very narrow set of criteria, like some other sites, so it isn't quite as good in this area. Still, the site is very useful for general travel needs. Ease of Use Easy to use site that searches a very broad range of possibilities. Features Helps you find what you want and helps make you rtravel the best it can be,


Houston, TX


Easy, cheap and friendly


Just booked my hotel and my family's tickets to take a Orlando Vacation on eDreams. Found really good prices and offered many options to accommodate to our necessities***.*** The customer services rep was friendly and the booking process really quick. Very happy to have found this site.


Miami, FL


Easy and cheap vacacion


I checked edreams for cheap flights for my trip to berlin last spring. I was happily surprised with the price and how easy it is to book. i'm gonna check their hotel+flight offers for my next trip to malta!!


New York, NY



3.6 5