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e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - All Shades

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I'm giving this product a 10 not because I like it at all. I do not. It is way too much for my taste. However, if you like bold dramatic eye looks and you don't want to run around searching for a liner that will work then stop right now and go buy this. It gives off a bold line of color. The line is too bold and too thick for my taste (I purchased black and I'm as white as they come). I also have very small everything so this looked ridiculous on my eyes but you smokey eye fans will probably LOVE it. It has unbeatable color pigmentation. I was so impressed I actually walked around looking like vampira for a day.



I wish I could like e.l.f.'s Waterproof Eyeliner.


My sister tried this eyeliner and recommended it to me. I had normally used a liquid eyeliner from a pot, which I loved. But I thought that a pen would be more convenient and I love e.l.f.'s products. My sister warned me that the eyeliner might seem dry at first but just to turn it top-down for a day or so. I did that and found that it came out pretty easily when I used it. However, I felt that it was too runny. It even burned my eyes, and I don't even have sensitive skin. After having it on for a few hours, it started to flake off. But what was left on my eye was really difficult to remove, even with eye makeup remover. I really want a pen eyeliner that works, so I'm going to try this another time, but for now I'm pretty convinced that this wasn't a good purchase decision. Of course, it's pretty cheap so I don't feel upset in the least, just disappointed. There are no problems with the container itself, or the color I got (which was black). Those are the only good things I can think of about this product. I wouldn't buy it again.

Layton, UT


elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - A kindergartner could use it!


I love this eyeliner pen.  Before using this pen, I struggled with applying eyeliner of all types.  Applying this eyeliner is super easy.  I just glide the tip of the pen across the eyelid and I'm done.  For going out, I use a little more pressure on the tip to get a slightly thicker line.  I love the fact that I never have to sharpen it or do any kind of maintenance.  I just take the cap off and it is ready to go.  These eyeliner pens last a long time.  After I bought the first one and loved it so much, I immediately ordered two more because I did not want to be without it when it ran out.  I'm still using the first pen!  This eyeliner also lasts all day long.  No reapplying to go out in the evenings unless I accidentally put too much eye shadow over it.  I've recommended this eyeliner to several friends who have jumped on board the eyliner pen wagon.  So far I've only used this in Black, but I would like to try some other colors that accentuate brown eyes.

Gardendale, AL


Elf eyeliner is good stuff!


I pretty much suck at applying eyeliner, or atleast i'm no professional when it comes to putting it on.  I prefer to find eyeliners that don't smudge and will go out on quick and easy so I can get to do doing other stuff in the morning, like my hair, or picking out an outfit for a day.  Although e.l.f waterproof eyeline isn't the best type of eyeliner out there, it does the trick for me.  It does a good job of going on thick enough to be seen, but not too thick that it looks off and weird.  It's also extremely affordable and lasts for quite a while, unless you like to slap on a lot of eyeliner every morning.  It usually takes me about 2 minutes to apply it in the morning, and considering I'm always drowsy and half awake, that's pretty incredible in my books!  I'd highly recommend getting this as a present for someone for Christmas.  I know it'll definitely be on my Christmas wishlit this year!  It's never a bad thing to stock up on this eyeliner, because it's worth it!

Tacoma, WA


ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pens are a favorite


I really love Eyes Lips Face (E.L.F.) and this was the very first product I tried as a referral from a friend. I have arthritis and have a difficult time finding the right eyeliner applicator that makes wearing eyeliner easy and fun (like it should be!). I first ordered black and brown but when the package arrived the brown was partially dried out and only worked for a few applications.  Despite that, I fell in love with the ease of application (no more hand pain/cramps!). I later ordered gray and plum, plum is now my absolute favorite for my light brown eyes. These really are waterproof as well to a point, but does not last through a shower or a good cry. The colours are very bright and vivid and can last all day if you do not rub or touch your eyes. I also love the fact that they are easy to wipe off and correct until they dry and become more waterproof.  My advice would be to purchase these in store as they seem to get damaged or dry out during shipping.

Lawton, OK


e.l.f. eyeliner pen is like a magic wand


This is a product that I really love.  I was leary of trying a liquid eyeliner because the ones I've tried in the past all had that little brush that is so hard to use and gets eyeliner everywhere.  But the price was right and so I gave it a try.  I'm so glad that I did. The applicator tip is a lot like a felt tip marker. This eyeliner pen takes the best things of a pencil eyeliner and a liquid eyeliner and combines them into one.  1. It glides on very easily.  So there's no pulling on the sensitive skin of your eyelid (I'm getting to an age where I have to worry about that.) 2. It gives a nice dark line like a liquid eyeliner 3. Like a eye pencil it's easy to control and doesn't go where you don't want it to.  I actually find this pen is easier to control because it doesn't tug or jerk at your skin as you put it on. 4. You can easily control the width of the line that you put on with this as well. 5. Plus it doesn't flake off like a liquid or smear down your face like a pencil.  

Boonville, NY


So much better than an eyeliner pencil


This is so much better than the standard eyeliner pencil. I always have trouble sharpening them and this one never needs sharpening. It does take some practice to get a good thick line for night time wear.

Buffalo, NY


e.l.f. Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - All Shades

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