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e.l.f. Studio Corrective Concealer #83301

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It is not that good


It is not the greatest because it drys your skin, the brush drags the skin, the concealer is not creamy, it has minimum coverage of pimples, redness, and under eye bags. I think it actually broke me out. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone even though it is so inexpensive.



e.l.f. Corrective Concealer is not recommended.


I would not recommend e.l.f. Corrective Concealer to anyone of any skin type. I bought it because it was cheap and has four colors, but that is about the extent of the plusses of this product.  e.l.f. Corrective Concealer does not cover anything.  It is hard to pick up the color and hard to blend. The product just does not blend very well and just comes straight off.  It is difficult to work with because its so dry.  I believe a concealer should be creamy in order to blend coverage.  This product is way too waxy, it has no coverage, and a terrible application brush.  This was useless.  After a first attempt, i gave up on the brush, and decided i would give it a try using my fingers. The result was slightly better, but made no comparison to the previous concealer i was using. I would say don't even bother with this product, you would be better off saving your money for something else.  Overall, it has nice packaging and a cheap price, but a horrible quality.

Apollo Beach, FL


e.l.f. Studio Corrective Concealer #83301

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