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e.l.f. False Lashes - Natural Lash Kit

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I wouldn't buy this product again


I bought this because it was affordable and I was a beginner in lashes. I didn't like it cuz the glue in the bottle didn't have glue at all! & the lashes were flimsy didn't have a good band for support and the way they look we're not appealing. Because, it didn't have volume or length and were see trough idk how to explain it just looked like I didn't have falsies they were that tiny to me and weird shaped and length. So I wouldn't recommend this product to anyone!

Houston, Tx


nice lashes


these are really nice lashes , especially for the price! however, the glue SUCKS. it makes them fall off .i would suggest that you buy a separate glue so that they stay on :) the lashes are full and look natural, so you won't look like you're going out for halloween!



Lovin the lashes, but leaving the glue


The natural lashes from elf are absolutly beatiful. They look so natural, yet give your eyes a pop that isnt so usual. They are definetly noticable but not so much that they look bad on while doing something casual. They just enhance the eyelashes. The thing that I hate hate hate hate hate about these lashes is the glue! half way through my day at school, they fell off! so if you are going to purchase these lashes, get a good quality glue that that they will actually stay on all day. I would definetly reccommend these! I love the lashes and I HATE the glue. But the problem of the glue is a pretty easy fix. I love these and the price is definetly a good factor. Anything from elf is a good quality product with a low price and I love that about them. These lashes blend in well with your actual lashes and I really cannot wait to go out and buy more and more and more. I will definetly be using these a lot.

El Paso, TX


Fantastic eyelashes


I bought these e.l.f. false lashes in the "Natural Lash Kit" style for my daughter who dances competitively. We go through a lot of lashes in a season! these are by far the best value and they look great! (I think I will try some for myself too!)

Phoenix, AZ


e.l.f. False Lashes - Natural Lash Kit

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