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e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder - All Shades

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ELF Clarifying pressed powder


this is an okay face powder. for me it was a bit ashy and there wasn't many shade options, to choose from. i felt like it sat on my face instead of blending seamlessly! im not sure i would recommend

New York, NY


Good product


I was really surprised for the quality of this product.. easy to carry in your handbag and do touch ups when ever needed.. I just bought this in an impulse and am totally impressed!

Columbus OH


Good make-up base


I use this product as a base before applying other concealer. My skin stays a bit clearer if I use it regularly - I have relatively controlled acne to begin with, but my minor breakouts and skin tone are controlled. The powder is not enough for me to use on its own. I usually use it as a base to my other cream make-up, for extra coverage and smoothness. It doesn't feel heavy or cause an over-done look. Also, its so darn cheap. I apply it with an ELF powder puff, I'm not sure how brush application would work with this. Powder puff application is best, since I can just squeeze one into the make-up container itself and not have to carry extra equipment. The powder also tends to last a long time. Usually, the lid breaks off the container before I run out. Worth the buck for sure!



Why pay a fortune for great coverage


For the price it stands on it's own. Product goes on smoothly and does'nt look thick. You get the same effect as the pricier brands. Look like a million without paying a fortune on upper end product. Long lasting with total overall coverage. For the price I buy several at a time . I keep one in my purse one in my make-up case and one in the car.

El Dorado Hills, CA


e.l.f.'s Clarifying Pressed Powder gives great coverage.


I love e.l.f.'s Clarifying Pressed Powder! I will definitely re-purchase this and a few back-ups even though I have never hit pan with any of the cosmetics that I have ever owned. It is *that *good. I bought the powder when e.l.f. was having one of their amazing sales and was not expecting much. I was scared that I would pick the wrong shade, but it ended up being a perfect match. The color that I picked up was Honey. I read a lot of reviews saying that the pressed powder showed up orange when applied, but it seemed great to me. I think it depends on the color you choose and the undertones of your skin. I agree that the selection is small, so I hope that e.l.f. expands it so that others can benefit from the product as well. I am contemplating picking up the darkest color, Toffee, to use for contouring, so we will see how that plays out.

Berkeley, CA




I have this in shade two, and I am around NC20-30 at mac.  This pressed powder is just so ORANGE.  I used it to much that I even hit pan until I looked in the mirror and I was just orange.  wow.  And now that I think about it.  It would make a great peach blush.  Just saying. This powder is not finely milled at all.  You can still feel that there are some pieces that are bigger than others. It also claims to help acne,  no, not really.  Does it soak oil?  A little.  Is it affordable?  Yes.  But do they match skin tones?  No, not unless you have an orange spray tan. I also suggest you go one shade lighter because my friend who is like porcelain skin got shade one and it was just orange on her but I swatched it on my hand it blended in well.  Maybe it was the light, I don't know, but I'm just giving you a suggestion if you just have to have this powder.  By the way, it also doesn't have a mirror or anything, the top is a plastic see through piece. The pad thing it comes with is crap also.

Schenectady, NY


instant orange after application, not a good look at all.


**While I feel that e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder** is a no brainer in the price department the formula is simply awful. From the minute I started patting this on it began turning orange and looked so cakey, not a look I ever want to achieve on any given day that's for sure. I even changed the way I apply it by using a powder brush and even that didn't help, it did nothing but make me look strangely orange. Whatever their formulation is simply does not work for me but I say more power to those who can. I give this 2 stars because the price is right but that's about it, I won't be purchasing this again, ever.

Boston, MA


e.l.f. Clarifying Pressed Powder - All Shades

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