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e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Tints - All Shades

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I can feel deep moisture when I use elf's candy shop lip tints.


I purchased a lot of these when they were on clearance at eyeslipsface.com.  I got "Coconut Craze", "Mocha Maniac", "Frosting Fanatic" and "Candy Fix" (which was my favorite).  The Coconut Craze is pretty sheer, with a tad bit of sparkle.  It smells like some kind of coconut tanning lotion, and I can't decide if I like it or not.  It could make someone feel sick, maybe.  Mocha Maniac is a sheer brown, again with a little bit of glitter in it.  It smells like a Chocolate Coffee drink, it smells alright.  The Frosting Fanatic is a shimmery gold.  I think it's simply beautiful.  It smells great, too.  Just sweet and dessert-y.  The Candy Fix is a sheer, light pink with no shimmer or glitter. The smell was light, and slightly sweet. Not really noticeable, actually. It was my favorite because I used it as an everyday lip fix instead of the others which I used for nights out or something like that, so I liked that it wasn't shimmery or overbearing in scent. All of them come in a little retro lip tin that slides open at the top, with the lip gloss tubbed inside. The packaging for this product is adorable, and these are so tiny and easy to fit anywhere at all. They are a refreshing change from all the tubed lip glosses. I love the feeling I get right after putting one of the lip tints on.  It *almost* tingles.  It just feels like a deep moisturizing.  I heard that this product was discontinued, and that makes me feel sad!  But anyway, these lip tints are cute, smell great, feel great and come in great colors.  And they were cheap.  Elf does it again!

Layton, UT


Taste and smell almost as good as the real thing!


Usually I get my flavored chap sticks and lip balms from companies such as smackers and such, they taste and smell great, however they always dry out my lips, which isn't supposed to be the point of the product. The Candy Shop Lip Tints from e.l.f. have all of those same benefits, and don't dry out my lips! I love them, I have almost every flavor, but i especially recommend cherry bomb. The top of the tin slides of and on so I never loose it and can keep my lip balm with me always :) Definitely one of my favorite items from e.l.f.

New York, NY


e.l.f. Candy Shop Lip Tints - All Shades

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