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e.l.f. Body Butter

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Great lotion - especially for the price!


The thing that really attracted me to this lotion wasn't really the lotion at all, but the ridiculously low price. None of the scents sounded all that exciting to me, but I decided to try the vanilla coconut - I'm so glad I did! This body butter is really thick and creamy, and is my go-to lotion for extra dry spots all winter long. I use it on my legs after shaving, my knees and elbows when they start feeling a little thirsty, and it really does the trick for itchy winter skin. It also absorbs quickly and leaves me skin immediately softer, smoother, and without any itchies or flakey dryness. The scent is great, too! The smell isn't overpowering at all - it's really light and smells a little bit like frosting or something to me. I love it! Honestly, I would buy this stuff even if they kicked up the price a little - it's effective lotion with a light, lovely smell. What more can you ask for? The fact that it's so gosh-darn cheap just sweetens the deal. Oh, and the tub is huge - it's going to last me through the whole winter! I would definitely recommend this to everyone and anyone. It's great lotion.  

Buffalo, NY


Needs more melon scent!


I love many products from **E.L.F.** (Eyes, Lips, Face) and you cannot beat their prices!!!  Recently I tried their body butters.  I bought 3 **e.l.f. body butters**:  Cucumber Melon, Lavender Blossom & Peony Petal.  I have only tried the **Cucumber Melon** so thing at time.  At least that's what I'm trying to do these days.  I seem to have so many opened items in my bathroom these days! I did like the feel of **Cucumber Melon, **the smell is very-very fresh but its too cucumbery (is that a word???) to me. In fact it should be called Cucumber body butter because I can barely smell any melon.  Actually I'm scared to wear it out of the house because I'm afraid that someone will try and eat me!!!!  Guess, I'm on the the next scent.

Houston, TX


e.l.f. Body Butter

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