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Dutch Boy
Dutch Boy Kid's Room Paint

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Worst paint ever.


My daughter was picking out a new paint for her bedroom and at the store she saw this and read it and noticed that it was kids paint and decided right then and there that this was the brand that she wanted and that we were going to buy so that we can paint her room. She settled on a pink color and we had the paint mixed and bought it and brought it home. After we primed the walls, we were ready to paint with this and started to apply it. It looked really good after the first coat and we let it dry. We then saw that it did not cover so we applied another coat, which we expected to have to do two or three coats. After the sixth coat, I had become so frustrated that it was not covering it up like it should have. I had to go buy more of this paint and had to do a total of ten coats before it finally had covered up like it should. I could not believe how poorly this paint looked and when it dried it was a far different color than it had been when we picked it out. The paint started to peal after two weeks. Needless to say we no longer have it on the walls and would never use this product again!



Dutch Boy Kids room paint


I was skeptical of this at first, thinking no way could you wipe off dirt etc. But it actually is wipe able. My son has not colored with crayons so I can't answer on that but dirty hand prints and general yuck wipe off. It initially makes the paint look lighter than the washed area dries and it looks completely normal again. I think this one smells less too, I did two coats and never got a headache or anything. Quality High quality paint. Got great coverage with only two coats and I did not use a primer first. Durability So far so good! I painted my son's room almost 3 years ago and it still looks great. Coverage Two coats should be enough unless you are covering something really dark or bright. I covered a similar color so two coats was enough for me and I didn't use a primer first. Ease of Appliation Went on nice and smooth, no areas of unevenness or paint drips. Of course the roller you use will have a lot to do with how easy it goes on and whether or not it drips or clumps up.



Great paint for kids room


This paint did cost a little more than I would like to spend on paint but not having to apply more than one coat is worth it.  This paint cleans so nicely, just wiping crayon, pencil, or whatever the children might find to smear on the wall.  Its a very durable paint that can take a bang and a smack, some other paint would just chip and peel away.  The colors are also very vibrant and a good variety of colors that you can get.

Glencoe, MN


Dutch Boy Kid's Room Paint

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