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Dulcolax Overnight Laxative

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Dulcolax works on the rare times I take them


Because I eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, and salad, I rarely have a problem going to the toilet. If my routine changes, say on a week when I am on vacation, I can become irregular. This is when I turn to Dulcolax Laxative coated tablets. I find that the box of 10 is big enough for me. You can take anywhere from 1 to 3 tablets a day, but as I do not use them on a regular basis, one will always work for me. When I start my holiday I can go 3 days without having a stool, and this is when I will take a Dulcolax, before going to bed. The little orange tablet will either wake me up to go, or after my first cup of coffee, I have to have a bowel movement. Once this has happened, I don't normally have to take them again, until my next vacation. These little pills are comfort coated so they should not upset your stomach. Always be sure to swallow the pill and not chew it. Do not take it within one hour of taking an antacid or milk. It states on the box that this product usually works within 6 to 12 hours of taking it. There are other warnings so please check them out before taking this product. It always works for me, but as I mentioned, it probably is because I only take one on odd occasions. If you need them on a regular basis then I can't tell you how well they would work. Effectiveness As I only take them a few times a year, they always work for me. Ease of Use Just swallow a pill with water. Immediacy Works within 6 to 12 hours. I take one at bedtime, and normally go after my morning coffee.

New Port Richey, FL


Worked Fine For Me!


Before I bought dulcolax overnight laxatives, I had read a bunch of reviews saying that they were horrible! The people taking them reported having horrible cramps, nausea, headache, and chills. I decided that I would try it for my self and I am writing this review to tell you that I did not have any of those side effects. The first time I took dulcolax I only took one pill (with a glass of water) with dinner. I did not have any cramps or any type of side effect.  I had never taken a laxative before and I thought that they would cause bad diarrhoea, but with one tablet it did not. I advise everyone to start with one.. give it a day.. In the other reviews everyone was saying that they were suffering all these side effects but they were taking 3 or 4 of them. That is way too many!  I just thought I'd put my experience out there for people who want to know the effects.

Willoughby, OH


don't waste your money for this product


I typically have only several BM a week and recently decided to give Dulcolax overnight laxative a shot. I have never taken a laxative and usually only take fiber supplements, and natural remedies. However, feeling quite bloated, I thought it'd be worth a try. I've read bad reviews about this product and I must say that I agree w/ many of those reviews. While I did not suffer the severe child birth like pains, or sweating, etc, I did have severe stomach cramps, which I somewhat expected; but then, 'nothing' else happened! I took them over a four day period, two a night, every other night, totalling 4 of the pills. I also added a stool softener into the mix which  didn't help to relieve the side effects of the dulcolax. Overall, I was left with horrid stomach cramps, several trips to the bathroom consisting of watery stools and then nothing. I would have to say that I would not repurchase and didn't see any real results either.  

jlynn80, PA


Dulcolax Overnight Laxative

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