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dream home
dream home Laminate Wood

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good for the price


We have put dream home laminate flooring in oak color in three rooms of our house.  We payed seventy-eight cents per square foot which is a really low price.  It is good flooring for the price.  It is fairly simple to put in, but don't think that you and your grandmother can put it in on a Saturday afternoon.  The edges are tricky as are any strange angled edges or doorways.  You will need to have some experience.  You will need to be able to saw pieces of wood.  YOu will need to be able to crawl around on the floor alot.  It does not require any gluing which was really nice.  THe underlay padding is pretty cheap.  The product is thin in comparison to themore expensive brands, but it still carries a 10 year warranty which is about all we were looking for.  Do follow the instructions so your warranty is applicable.  I would not use it in a bathroom.  Dream home offers a variety of colors.  The place it gets expensive is the trim.

Tucson, AZ


dream home Laminate Wood

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