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devoe devoe paint

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if you have to paint use devoe and do it once


i am a home renovater and i do alot of painting, one of my least favorite things to do. BUT IF LIKE ME YOU SOMETIMES HAVE TO DO THIS WORK THEN YOU ONLY WANT TO DO IT AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE AND get it over with. devoe paint is a little higher thasn other paints but it is well worth it. It's a good thick paint that covers in one good coat. I have even had to thin it down with laquer thinner to spray it. it also has good durability as i have painted homes and went back to do other work on the home a few years later and the customer made the comment how well the paint had held up. And as I started looking at it closer it really was amazing how well it did hold up as this is in amarillo tx and we have very extreme temps. going to below zero to over a hundred in the summer, and as i looked at the paint job closer i noticed the were no cracks in the paint and except for a little fading it looked ther same as when i painted it. I am convinced this is the best paint on the market.

Amarillo, TX


devoe devoe paint

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