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de-luxe Rosemary Mint Shampoo

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Not a good shampoo


My brother bought this shampoo when he was looking for a new natural product to use. He didn't like it, so he passed it on to me. I have to agree with his opinion of it. First of all, let me say... the bottle that this comes in might look cool, but it is really inconvenient. It is not easy to use this bottle, nor is it easy to get all the shampoo out of the bottle. Second, this shampoo is reasonably priced when it comes to natural shampoos. This bottle might not be the best design, but it does hold a lot of shampoo. You get a lot of shampoo for your buck. Third, the overall use of this shampoo is not good. It doesn't even leave your hair feeling clean - which is what I, for one, am looking for in a shampoo. My conclusion: I don't recommend this shampoo at all. I don't like the bottle design. I don't like the way that it works, or the way that my hair feels after I use it. The price is reasonable, and the bottle holds a lot... that is about it.

Rib Lake, WI


Menthol, Vinegar, and Camphor in My Hair? No Thanks!


If you're in the market for a good cleansing, all natural shampoo, then this may work well for you. This de-luxe shampoo is free of synthetic fragrances and uses only fragrant plant oils. However, it's the menthol, vinegar, and camphor in the formula that made me almost not use the sample I received. My chemically-treated hair does best with deep-moisturizing products, and I feared this would turn it into straw. Although I still don't think it's the right type of shampoo for my dry hair, it wasn't a disaster and it may even be effective for those whose hair is naturally oily. Effectiveness Considering the ingredients, I was afraid that this shampoo would be severely drying, but it really wasn't. My hair was squeaky clean, but not completely dried out or stripped. Unfortunately, the shampoo didn't add any moisture and I ended up with a few tangles. Scent Sometimes a shampoo smells nice while it lathers, but the scent dissipates soon after. With de-luxe Rosemary and Mint shampoo, the all-natural fragrance oils last even after I rinsed out all of the lather. If you love the scent, this is a good thing. Otherwise, it may annoy you.

Chicagoland, IL


de-luxe Rosemary Mint Shampoo

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