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de-luxe BAIN Liquid Soap, Rosemary Mint

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de-luxe BAIN: Natural hand soap that smells like toxins. Yuck!


***Quick View:*** I like natural products and love hand soaps. I bought two different scents of this hand soap. The Rosemary Mint smells so bad that my son literally hid it or threw it out. It was really awful. ***My Take on de-luxe BAIN Liquid Soap, Rosemary Mint*** This soap comes in a 17 ounce plastic pump bottle. It is a pearly white color and contains aloe vera and glycerin. The soap can be used all over the body but is such that it sets nicely on the sink and pumps out the right amount for a hand washing. I put it on the sink and forgot about it. My husband asked me what the terrible stuff was that I put in the bathroom and I was lost. I didn't put anything terrible in there. Then my son said that the soap in the bathroom was disgusting. I finally went in and tried it and it lathered OK and seemed to wash my hands fine. But wheeewwwwww! The scent was horrible. It doesn't smell anything like rosemary OR mint. It smelled like all kinds of noxious chemicals tossed together. Now, this soap has no chemicals in it so I couldn't figure out what the scent was. I tried for a couple of days to get used to the scent. The soap itself was decent. It wasn't my favorite as far as consistency and lather but it did the job. But the scent it left on my hands and while I was washing them was simply too strong and overbearing. When my son needed a soap to clean something he spilled in his room, he took the **de-luxe BAIN Liquid Soap, Rosemary Mint **and said he would try to use it on the floor to get rid of it. I never saw it again. I assure you that he is not keeping this soap in his room. He ditched it, probably with the blessing of his father. And you know what? I'm glad. I wouldn't have had the heart to do that although I couldn't stand the scent. **The ingredients of this soap are as follows:** *Water (Purified), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (gentle coconut derived cleasing agent), Cocamide MEA (gentle foaming agent), Sodium Chloride (common table salt), Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Gel (gentle anti-irritant), Glycerin (vegetable derived), Sodium Citrate (gentle ph balancer), Fragrance, Methylparaben (and), Propylparaben (gentle preservatives), Glycol Stearate (gentle fatty acids), Citric Acid (citrus derived to balance ph levels)* ***My Viewpoint*** I have used other products from this brand and have never really liked them but the scent wasn't the issue. I have even used this same scent in a body product and it wasn't THAT bad. But **de-luxe BAIN Liquid Soap, Rosemary Mint** really smells awful. They do have other scents and I highly suggest you try one of them. The Verbana is nice and lightly scented. This one is noxious smelling.*** 2 stars***. Effectiveness I believe it gets hands clean but the scent was so bad that we couldn't use it! Scent Really bad. Smells like chemicals. Offensive smelling.

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de-luxe BAIN Liquid Soap, Rosemary Mint

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