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Our new house did not include a washer and dryer, so we were in the market for a good deal. We found an LG set of washer and dryer for a good price (connected to a Black Friday deal), and so far they have worked out great for us (although we have not had them too long). As long as the products keep working well, I would be happy to come back to this store to shop again. Ease of Use The biggest downside to this site is that they often make you click to see the actual price (which is lower than the "list price" that they show initially). This is supposed to make it look like you're getting a great deal (which they do have good prices), but I find it more time-consuming and irritating. I'd rather know I'm getting a great price by having it listed immediately without me needing to click to open and close the price on each product. Product Selection They have several brands of washers and dryers available, and I was also pleased with their television selection (which we shopped at, but decided to wait to purchase).




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