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chi Nourish Silk Shampoo Intense Hydrating Hair Bath

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This product has changed my life


I have very thick, long, curly hair and have always had trouble finding a product which will keep my hair shiny and healthy. Not only did I want my hair healthy and shiny but, I wanted to accomplish this by using a few products as possible. CHI Nourish Silk Shampoo Hydrating Hair Bath has done just that. Before I found this product, I used to have to shampoo, condition, use a leave in conditioner, a defrizzing product, a glossing product and spend at least 30 minutes drying my hair (upside down) with a diffuser. No more. Now, I use this CHI shampoo, the corresponding conditioner and leave in treatment. After I get out of the shower, I comb my hair with a wide tooth comb and let it air dry. No more frizz. No more dry, damaged feeling hair. No more inconsistent curls. Like I said, this product has changed my life. I have saved so much time and money cutting out the additional products and the need for a hairdryer. LOVE it!



So good my sister steals it


As we all know that if you relax, color, or any type of chemical treatment to the hair causes damage. I used this shampoo and immediately noticed how smooth my hair is AND tangle free. It rinses easily and you only need a small amount for shampooing. I would recommend this shampoo if you have damaged hair or you receive any chemicl treatments in your hair.What can I say? I love this product. It nourished and soothes my dry hair, without stripping or fading my color. It is a little more money than what I usually spend on shampoo, but the results are worth every penny. You don't need to used a lot. The bottle will last a long time.  I share an apartment with my sister and needless to say everytime she is out of town for the weekend, my bottle of shampoo has magically disappeared and yet when she is back in town it magically reappears in our bathroom and she always denies taking this shampoo!  

Austin, TX


chi Nourish Silk Shampoo Intense Hydrating Hair Bath

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