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Take a load off Fannie, And you can put the load right on me


If you are  annoyed by the  ubiquitous catalogues that junk up your mailbox, especially this time of year, this is the site that will bring you joyous relief!   Catalogchoice.org Why do these companies think I want MORE TRASH?? This site is very  user friendly.  You first create a profile.  You get to enter any  names at your address, and any variation of names, such as Susan Parker, or S. Parker.  Then you select from an alphabetical listing of catalogues, and provide the name just as it is written on the address, and the customer number, if available.  Then click "DECLINE".I cannot describe the glee every day as I go to this site to opt out on yet another catalogue that thinks I need more detritus.  Imagine the joy of getting mail out of your box and not having to detour to recycle bin to toss them  each day! I'm up to 47 opt outs now - a cleansing feeling, indeed when I hit the DECLINE key! If I don't get any more catalogues in 08, that will be Christmas enough for me.



catalog opt out

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