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Carrier Air Conditioner, 3.5 Ton

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Finally a Cool House


I just had this unit installed in my home a few months ago after having a Trane unit for 16 years. This is the same size unit I had previously, and it cools so much better. The outside unit is much larger than the old one, but that does not matter. There is such a big difference that we have noticed already. We can actually feel the air blowing in our home when the unit comes on. And living in Florida, this is a year round necessity. We are hoping to see a decrease in our utilities, but won't know until the heat of summer. Our home is much more comfortable since having this installed. When it turns on though, it is quite noticeable inside. You can hear a blowing sound, which we never had before. We are told that this is due to being a stronger unit than the last and also this was properly installed, when the last one wasn't. The temperature control is simple to use and we rarely adjust it. Those who complain that they can't cool their homes are expecting too much. If it is 100 degrees outside, you can not expect to lower the inside temperature by more than 20 degrees at the most. That is common knowledge with central air conditioning. But keeping our home at a comfy 76 degrees has been easier than before. This unit will turn on when your set temperature is reached and cool until it reaches two degrees lower than your set temp. Wish we had put this in years ago, we love this unit much more than the carrier we had previously. And it has a great manufacturers 10 year warranty on parts.



Oh So Cold At Home


So glad to have came accross this forum where I can actually leave a little positive input on our Carrier Air conditioner. After all of the cold and ice this past winter I couldn't wait for the summer and sunshine but I was dreading the cost of our electric bill. We heat with gas so I just knew our electric bill would be outrageous having the air conditioner running all day every day. So as usual we had out unit serviced before even turning it on. The first day we turn it on let me tell you we froze, to my husband and children that is a wonderful but I was still so concerned with our bill. First month's bill came and there was no change from the winter bill so I was holding out for month two still no change. Wow!! All of this worrying and no change in my bill as of yet how perfect. Every room in our home is chilled to which suits us just fine. By the way we reside in a farm style, two story, four bedroom home. I will recommend Carrier products till the day I die because they've never let our family down.

Bowling Green, KY


Carrier air conditioners are a piece of garbage


I have two carrier air conditioners in my house to this date. One of them is  a "Totaline", which i was told, was a brand owned by the same company that makes carrier air conditioners. They both suck. My carrier airconditioner needs constant repairs, atlist once every two months and it makes this hellish noise so loud that i can barely sleep at night because of it. Every person that tried to repair it, failed miserably. The sound goes away for a while but when nigth time comes again, so does that wrecked sound. It constantly failes to do his work, cooling the room. It constantly needs repair to fix this problem too. I believe to this date I have paid more (perhaps even twice the amount) on repairs than what the air conditioner cost me. My Totaline air conditioner is another piece of junk. When it works, is really great. Makes no noise at all and can cool the room very quickly even in the hottest summer days (Take in mind that i live in Puerto Rico). But what good does this make when I can barely use this air conditioner due to the fact that the compresor gets broken every two or three moths. In conclusion I wont be buying another carrier air conditioner in the future and i suggest who ever reads this to do the same.

Bayamon, PR


Carrier Air Conditioner, 3.5 Ton

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