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benhur Latex Semi-Gloss Enamel

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BenHur paint is getting the job done, with one coat.


I had recently painted my home, and decided on benhur paint. Mainly due to the colors available, but to my suprise, the ease of it gidingon the walls and the ablity of covering some pretty nasty colors with one coat. This paint gave me the time and ease to do my entired home in less than a week. The color charts are so true to the actual color once its on thewall, so no unpleasant suprises. The way they blended together was great, expessially on those difficlt walls that cmbine walls from one room to the next. The smell also was not unpleasant. I even used it for my kitchen walls, so spills and grease were a snap to wash off. Also, for any woman that thinks she needs to hire a contractor or wait for their husbands to do something....they don't!!!! Thank you Ben, fo making my job and mostly for making my home look great!

Tampa, FL


benhur Latex Semi-Gloss Enamel

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