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all of them - platnium

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dangerous pieces of plastic!


 All around the world people who have not been wise go in to debt, right now thousands even millions are srtuggaling to get out of debt. Most of the people in debt get out by claiming BANKRUPTCY. You can be wise with a credit cards but it is a bit hard, you can get ANYTHING! but of course nothing in the world comes free. There are times that people use the credit card in a smart way, not necessary are the cards always a bad thing, they can actually help you as long as you pay on time the amount due. Now there are those who don't need a credit card that would rather purchase what they can get through their own pocket this is very clever because they are the ones that are living debt free, they are living worry free. If you can pay on time then the card is great but if you really cant then the card will be your biggest enemy. So don't just apply without thinking, think before you apply for a credit card cause it can be your best friend or your biggest worry. Remember you chose your own life, no one else will decide for you, your decision can be wisely or not such a great idea but it was and is YOUR decision.

Sarasota, FL


all of them - platnium

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