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airwick Scented Oil iMotion Kit, Mountain Breeze

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Omg the smell


I really loved the airwick products all there stuff is great 👍

Vale nc


Airwick iMotion is okay, but not great


I bought a few of these thinking they would be so great especially since they give a boost of fresh air when you walk by.  My only concern is that my dogs would be constantly setting them off when I or my husband was away at work but they actually have a timer thing built in so it won't be constantly giving the extra boost of fragrance.  The only thing I don't like is I can't seem to smell them after a couple of days.  I will admit that I am used to the Febreze Noticeables that automatically change fragrances every so often so I think it just may be me that gets used to the fragrance and can't smell it anymore.  The price was excellent and the refils are honestly pretty economical compared to other brands out there on the market.  The Mountain Breeze fragrance was also nice, it is one that everyone seems to be happy with.  The size is also nice, other brands are too large and fall out of the socket or the dogs knock them out when they're running through the house.  I honestly don't know if I'll try it again due to the fact I can't smell it after the first couple days.

Cleburne, TX


ok product


Well I was very fortunate to get a good set of coupons and get this product for free. I have to say that it did its job and keep my house smelling nice while I had a party going one. So why the low rating...well couple of reasons. I find the smell to be too overwheling. Since it sprays only in one direction, that area smells very strong. I also don't care for the fact that it had to spray througout the night, what a total waste of product. Who cares what the hous esmeels like when everyone is sleeing. It would be able to be set to operate just during the day. Also the motion detection in mine broke and that cazy thing started spraying every 30 seconds. I'm not sure if it was the AC that made it go off like that or now, but i was very disappointed. I would not pay to have this product in my house all the time. I would pay to have it for a party to keep the place smelling nice. Overall it's an okay product.



In Love With Airwick Imotion for Eternity!


The airwick imotion can be neatly placed anywhere in your house, on top of your tv, countertops, the back of the toilet, shelves, and so many more places.  Its plain white in color and the scented fluid is inside so its neat, compact, and pretty undetectable to visitors.  You can open it up and set how often you would like it to auto spray wonderful, delicious scent into the air.  Its idea for houses with heavy traffic in certain rooms.  You can place this small object on top of many different surfaces and it will freshen that area every time somebody walks by all day and all night!  Its easy to load and cheap to refill.  You can often print coupons on their rewards website.  The more you buy, the more you save!  This is a convenient product and has almost completely replaced manual air fresheners for me.  I buy the alot less unless they are of a special scent to me that I would like to have the control over dispensing at will.  You will love this product.  Its made my life a heck of alot easier and my house tons fresher!

Rochester, NH


airwick Scented Oil iMotion Kit, Mountain Breeze

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