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aden + anais
aden & anais Cotton Muslin Swaddle Wraps

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Fantastic for newborns and toddlers


A friend of ours gave me one of these Aden & Anais cotton muslin swaddle wraps before my first son was born, and she said that it was her favorite swaddling blanket for her daughter. We used it, loved it, and ended up getting several more. We have just had baby #2 and I'm glad that we will be able to use these with him too. Here's why we like them: - The cotton is very soft, and it just gets softer and softer the more you wash it. - The fabric is gauzy and open, and I feel very comfortable keeping this in the crib with my babies. Even if it accidentally covers his face, he can breathe through it. - The designs are cute. I have bought these in several different patterns and give them away as gifts. - Since they are cotton, they are very low maintenance to clean. - My babies love the soft texture of the fabric. In fact, my almost 2-year-old never went for a silky security blanket, but he got really attached to these blankets. He sleeps with one every night and rubs it against his face. I am happy that he doesn't care which blanket it is out of the 5 we have, but he definitely can tell the difference between these and other blankets! The only thing we don't love about them is that the blankets with more color on them (the striped ones, or ones with big blocks of color) are not quite as soft as the ones that are mostly white with little designs. So when I buy them I make sure to get a white background design.



My go to for swaddling!


When I first saw these I thought it was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on some cotton blankets but they have been so worth it! They are so softy and only get softer and more quilted with each wash! They are oversize so great for swaddling (unlike traditional swaddling blankets which are never quite big enough and end up coming undone). They are breathable and great for summer babies so you can swaddle without risk of the baby getting overheated and can be used in the winter to go over footed sleeps for cooler swaddling as well. They are very versatile and have doubled as a blanket four laying the baby on outside, netting to keep bugs out of the stroller or car seat and they make a great nursing cover as well, large enough to cover what you need but still breathable so the baby isn't suffocating underneath it. We even use them as summer weight blankets for our toddlers and older children who want to be covered even when its hot. We have more than paid for these as they have done double duty through three children and are still going strong. Plus they come in a variety of really cute colors and prints. Well worth it in my opinion!

Winchendon, MA


Love this product.


I had never heard of Aden and Anais muslin wraps when I had my first child, but with my second, someone was kind enough to introduce me. They are heaven sent! I received this swaddle pack as a gift, and first off, the design is too adorable. I know they make gender neutral designs, as well as those for boys and girls, so as a gift, one cannot go wrong giving it to a mother-to-be. As for the fabric itself, they are incredibly soft yet very durable. I used these swaddle blankets, well, to swaddle of course! But I also used them for tummy time, as a shade over the front of a stroller, as a burp cloth, to block the wind in the car seat, and a bunch of other things I know I am forgetting now. They are extremely versatile - you will love them.

Chicago, IL


aden & anais Cotton Muslin Swaddle Wraps

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