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Acer - P201W

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Great Value


I deal with mostly Dell's in the workplace but when looking to replace my home FPD I found this Acer.  After checking all the specs it seem to be up to par with some more expensive models in the same size range.Overall the monitor performs extremely well, crisp, sharp clear picture.  So far no hiccups at all.  The software provided with it is basically useless, if you have a decent display adapter you'll do fine managing it with the adapter's utility.Impressed with DVD playback quality, really no negatives for the price.  My one only wish is that they made it mountable. Great price, Quality is outstanding so far.  Be nice if it was energy star compliant.

Goodyear, AZ


Not bad for the price range...


I have a family member who owns one of these. Personally, I was concerned because I knew the brand to be I would  But the monitor actually lasted several years of high usage. Then, when it went out, she contacted the company and they shipped another monitor out for FREE. I think it was barely under warranty but I'm not sure of that. Either way, it was very easy and simple with no arguments with their personnel. This really impressed me. The replacement did eventually have some problems itself and so overall, it didn't last as long as my more expensive monitor, but then that one doesn't get quite as intensive use as the other one did. So, overall, for the price point, it wasn't a bad monitor and the customer service exceeded my expectations for sure. And the quality of the display was actually pretty decent. So, overall, it outperformed what I would have expected of something in its price range.

Saint Louis, MO


This is a great monitor.


Right now I have two 20" Acer P201w's on my computer, and I plan on buying a third, once I purchase a second video card. I bought my first Acer because it was the best quality monitor I had found at the most affordable price. I create websites for a living, and even the 20" screen at 1680x1050 wasn't enough desktop space at times, and I loved my flat panel Acer, so I purchased another. I've been getting into PC gaming, and I see a lot of triple monitor setups that look incredible, so I will soon buy a third P201w. These monitors are great quality, and they look stylish, too.To the people who complain about it not coming with a manual... It's two plugs. One goes into the wall, one goes into the computer. If you need a manual for that, then you really shouldn't own a computer. All in all, I couldn't be happier with this brand of monitor. Looks great, works great, is great. End of story.

Rockport, TX


No Manual Available From Acer!


This monitor leans precipitously forward and there is NO WAY to tilt it.  Currently there is NO manual included with the product NOR is their one available online from  I have the monitor legs being held up in front by tuna cans so I can SEE the screen!  I don't recommend this product unless you are 3 feet tall and need to actually have the monitor screen tilt downward toward you!

Palm Bay, FL


this acer monitor is great


I never thought I would like a wide screen monitor, but for the price this Acer is great. Didn't know what I was missing. My old monitor was a small 15 inch screen. This Acer P201W is a whopping 20 inch wide screen. Great picture and very easy to set up.

Saxton, PA


Acer - P201W

3.8 5