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Zyrtec Children's Chewable Tablets

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Grape is nasty...but it works


My younger children have allergy problems and they are getting to where they hate taking liquid medication. I tried the chewable zyrtec because this brand seems to work really well and last a long time, but the mediciny grape flavor is just terrible my kids hate it and it is so hard to get them to take it. The chewable tablets still taste terrible, but it is a little easier to get them to chew them up and swallow them real quick as opposed to the gross tasting mouth coating syrup. The perfect measure children's Zyrtec I think is the worst tasting one of all, my kids actually gagged. Over all the chewables provide a bit more pleasant of a medicine taking experience and the Zyrtec brand is long lasting and effective. It seems like the chewables start working a little faster too.

East Alton, IL


Zyrtec chewables are the easy way for your child to feel better.


Zyrtec chewable tablets are the easiet way to get your child to take the medicine they need in order to feel better and fight allergies.  My son did not like the taste of any of the medications we tried to give him but the chewable tablets were easy to get him to take.  The tablets cleared up his indoor and outdoor allergies so he was not walking around sniffing and sneezing. It also stopped his eyes from watering and itching.  He is able to quickly chew the tablets and feel relief from his symptoms within about a half an hour.  I can not believe how much better he feels and how much easier it is to get him to take the medicine.  Zyrtec works as well or better than some of the prescription drugs he has been perscribed by his physician.  It is easy to purchase at any local pharmacy or grocery store and the price is not so outrageous that you can not afford it.  It is well worth the price for the piece of mind and to see your child feel better.

Lansing, MI


Zyrtec Chewables for Children really helped my daughter!


Zyrtec Chewables for Children really helps my daughter with her allergies.  She enjoys the grape flavor and the ease of taking the tablets doesn't cause any conflict with getting her to take them. I would recommend this product to anyone who has children with allergies.

Arnold, MO


Zyrtec Children's Chewable Tablets

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