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Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup

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Works great...doesn't taste so great!


I turned to Children's Zyrtec for my two little girls (ages three and four) after my doctor prescribed a Rx that was SUPER expensive even with insurance. On a side note: my doctor did give the okay to give Zyrtec to my children.  Initially I was giving them 1/2 a dose twice daily...but then quickly learned how sleepy it made them so I opted to only give it to them at night.  Night's with Zyrtec are pure bliss....they sleep ALL NIGHT!!!  It also keeps them from getting that post nasal drip associated with allergies and sleeping at night.  On rare occasion the Zyrtec will wear off before the 24 hours is up...but that is when the allergies are super severe.  But most of the time I can count on Children's Zyrtec to last the full 24 hours.  Without it my girls would have buckets of running snot running down their poor little faces.  They don't LOVE the taste, but I always bribe them to take it.  If they take it I give them their gummy every time!

Austin, TX


Great Children's Medicine


I bought this on sale last year and thought I would give it a try for my four year old daughter who was having allergy symptoms and I was very pleased with the results. The Zyrtec almost immediately relieved her symptoms and she was able to sleep through the night without sneezing and being congested.  When ever she is sick for any reason now she requests the Zyrtec because it is bubblegum flavored. She tells me it is the best testing medicine and it is the one medicine I can give her without having to put up a battle. I found that an added bonus was it's clear color because when you have sick little ones the medicine is bound to spil, dribble or drop onto clothes and this means there are no stains to try to wash out later.  I know the bottle was on the more expensive end but I bought it on sale and with a coupon making it a reasonable price and the bottle lasted for a long time.  I've noticed they usually have great sales in Spring so I try to stock up on it then to avoid the higher price.

Albany, OR


Horrible Tatse


My son has allergies, and they run in the family. (Sorry about that little guy!) He can produce more snot in a 5 minute period than any kid I have ever met. If only I could harvest that snot and do something with it that would make me millions. Alas, I'm not that good, and snot is gross, even if it is coming out of my little guys nose. We tried this at the suggestion of the doctor. His allergies seem to be seasonal, so she thought this might help, and it may have, if I could have gotten him to take it. The syrup is grape flavored, and badly flavored at that. It tastes nothing like grapes! It is also very sticky, which I hate especially when he spits it out because of the taste. We fooud it difficult to know exactly how much he was getting because it was thick and didn't come out of the provided cup well, and was almost to thick to use a medicine dropper. For now, we will live with the not because we have yet to find another product that he likes an better.

Indianapolis, IN


Zyrtec as good as it gets!!


My son is now 9 years old and has allergies since the day he was born.We went through doctor after doctor and medicine after medicine with no changes in his problems. I had a friend tell me about zyrtec so I gave it a try within a day of using he could go outside and play. It broke my heart when he came to me and said" momma momma I can breathe" from that day zyrtec is a daily medication in our household it really has changed my son's life. I could go on and on aboutthe benefits of zyrtec but there is nothing bad I can say. We have had no negative side effects at all. One thing about children's medicine is will they take it, You will not have that problem with zrytec's yummy bubble gum your child will not give you any problems at all. Zrytec allergy has anwsered prayers for our family and I know that you feel the same. Zyrtec is a all in one allergy medicine that would be sure to fit all your needs.

West Union, WV


Excellent for cough due to allergy


I have 3 and 5 year old boys and although I don't know if they have seasonal allergies, both started having allergy type symptoms when the ragweed started blooming a month ago. Nothing we could take them to the dr for, but runny nose and stuffy during the day and coughing all night. On a different dr visit, I asked what we could try for the cough and the dr suggested Zyrtek at night before bed. I've used it before with good success on the boys and I take it myself, sure enough a dose at night before bed and no coughing. You can give them 1/2 tsp at night and in the morning if allergy symptoms are really bad, and after about 2 weeks of regular doses and they are almost back to normal! This stuff is great and does not cause drowsyness for our family. Check with you dr to be sure about the dosing, but although the box does not mention cough - consider Zyrtek if you think their cough is caused by drainage related to allergy! We are all sleeping better now. Effectiveness In the right situation this is awesome. Start using a few days before allergies will occur for the best results. If battling a virus and they are more runny than stuffy, have fluid in ears or are coughing, this is a good choice for relief. Ease of Use A flavor my kids don't mind taking Immediacy We have had very good results with this drug acting quickly and well

Lewisville, TX


Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup: A Dose a Day is All it Takes


Adults and kids both suffer from allergies but the problems are often even greater for children due to their inability to cope with the annoyance of congestion, sneezing, etc. There are, however, many good allergy medicines made just for kids and one of them is **Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup. ** **Medicine Commentary:** Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup is one of several Zyrtec allergy medications and like most of the others, it utilizes the active ingredient Cetirizine (5 mg per 5 ml dose) to control allergy symptoms. The symptoms kept in check by this medicine include runny nose, sneezing, and itchy/watery eyes. My children suffer from allergies just like I do and Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup is one of a few medicines I reach for to treat their symptoms. My girls love the grape flavor and do not shriek away from taking a teaspoon full of this product, like they often do with other medicines. They tell me that it tastes as good as candy, so they have no problem accepting it. Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup is very good at stopping the runny noses and the sneezing and it seems to have about the same level of effectiveness on my kids as the adult version has on me. All it takes is one or two teaspoons to relieve allergy symptoms. One dose is good for a full day and the product can be used by children as young as two yeas of age. **Bottom Line Viewpoint:** Allergies are often particularly nasty for young children but Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup is here to control the problems. The effectiveness is very good and it ranks among the better children's allergy products. Effectiveness One of the besy over the counter allergy medicines for kids Ease of Use It's syrup, so kids have no problem taking it Immediacy Gets working in less than 30 minutes.

Houston, TX


Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup Works Well And Tastes Great!


My daughter is a very picky eater. This strict taste preference definitely extends to medicine too. If she does not like the way something tastes, it is near impossible to get her to take her medicine. We've been using **Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup** for a couple years now without any fighting or dificulty! Every flavor we've tried has been a hit and she actually looks forward to taking her allergy medicine every night. Better still, this is the brand that her allergist, one of the best out there, reccomends. It's over the counter which makes it easy and it works really well. The poor dear is allergic to dust, dust mites, pollen, and mold. Her allergies are year-round and unrelenting. I no longer worry, though, that she'll have an allergy attack thanks to **Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup.** Her symptoms are not completely gone but they are well-controlled. I'm happy, she's happy, and her allergist is happy with this medicine. What could be better?

Trenton, NJ


seems to work for my asthmatic toddler


This seems to have done the trick in controlling my toddler's allergy-induced ashmatic coughing symptoms.  We had several really really horrible months in which she coughed to the point of vomiting off and on for weeks at a time, and she was put on a number of prescription medications including Pulmicort, Nasonex, and Singulair, none of which seemed to have much of an effect. She started Zyrtec and finally we got some relief.  Of course it's hard to know whether this was due to the cold / flu season ending or just getting lucky and not catching so many viruses, but this was in mid-winter so the results are promising.  The medication is easy for her to take.  She likes the flavor and swallows it from the cup no problem.  For a younger child it could be mixed with a drink I think.  It's nice that it's over the counter so I can always grab more when we need it.  I have had trouble finding it in some places, though, especially the liquid form.

Saint Louis, MO




I brought children liquid to my two children who are 8 and 7. My 7 year old stops sneezing after taking the medication. It seems to work on him for several hours. However, my 8 year old has terrible allergic to it. Everytime he takes the medication, he has serious nose bleeding at least two time in day or two. I have talked to doctor and she recommended us stop giving him the medication.

Syosset, NY


Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup is great for my kids


My kids have terrible terrible allergies and Zyrtec is what their doctor started giving them because nothing else seemed to be working. This stuff does what none of the other medicines they were using before did. They knock out all their allergy symptoms, as well as help them sleep better at night. it does last for 24 hours so we usually give it to them right before bed. If they are restless then it also helps them fall asleep and sleep better and longer. It knocks out their sneezing, their runny nose, and all their symptoms whenever they start to act up. If we give it to them every day they don't usually act up at all. Great medicine and I recommend it for anyone who has children with terrible allergies. It really does work great.

Baltimore, MD


Zyrtec Children's Allergy Syrup

4.5 54