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Zyban Prescription Pill

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Zyban works


My dr told me that Zyban may take about a week to work. However, after a few days, I completely lost the urge to smoke. I would still try out of habit, but the cigarettes tasted terrible. I also could not stand the smell of other people smoking. The only problem that I have had is that I started feeling too confident after about a month and a half and quit taking the pill regularly. I then would go out with friends for drinks and would bum a few smokes after a few drinks. I also hate that you have to have a prescription. I have not had any side effects from Zyban and recommend it to anyone who wants to quit smoking.


Fairhope, AL


Zyban Prescription Pill


i was prescribed this when I still lived in the UK, I did stop smoking for a total of 3 weeks then started again. You have to be very committed to use this and find it beneficial. I eventually stopped when I was hypnotised and have been smoke free for ten years now


Barnesville, GA


Zyban is a life saver


I had been a smoker for several years, not a life smoker by any means, but a hibitual smoke for about 8 straight years. I had my daughter and hated that I smoked, I didn't want her growing up seeing me as an example as a smoker. It was bad for my health and everyone around me. I finally decided to set up an appointment with my doctor and discuss smoking cessation options. I had been concerned because I had heard some medications had been reported to essentially alter mental statuses, and I really didn't want to experience anything any more unpleasant than quitting smoking already would be. My doctor discussed Zyban with me as an option. Zyban over time made the ciggerettes taste absolutly disgusting and finally I saod, ok time to quit. I continued to take Zyban for a few weeks after I quit just to make sure I wouldn't relapse, but there was no need, it made ciggerettes so entirely unappealing I have no desire to smoke, even when I am enjoying the company of my smoker friends while they have a smoke, I have no desire to light one up myself! Yay for Zyban!


Salem, OR


If you really want to quit, Zyban's the trick!


As a smoker,  I could never get past the feeling of anxiety that I would get when I "needed" a cigarette.  **I've been smoking for 31 years **and although I've wanted to quit a million times, it was always so hard to make it through the day without one which led to two and so on.  I have stopped because I had to when I was pregnant, but that was for my children's health not for my own.  There's always seemed to be some kind of issue that stressed me out and fed my smoking habit.  **I accidentally happened across Zyban and it was the best accident of my life! ** Zyban actually took away that feeling of desperation I would get once I thought of smoking a cigarette.  Of course, smoking a cigarette was an instantaneous response to bad news and I've gotten a lot of that in my life.  After taking Zyban, I didn't feel like "OMG, I have to have a cig when I would get bad news" and I would think "I don't even want one."  I didn't feel like the world was going to end and I would cease to exist if I didn't get to smoke a cigarette.  This stuff has changed my life.  I feel so free. It might not work for everyone, but anyone who has thought or tried to stop smoking and couldn't quite make it, just try Zyban it might change your life, too!


Indianapolis, IN


Zyban is the way for me to quit.


I have, through the years, tried several different stop smoking products.  So far Zyban is the only one that I believe will keep me smoke free.  I realized I was allergic to the patch and to Chantex, I don't like gum or hard candy so the lozenges were out.  I tried Zyban one other time right after I had my son, but wasn't able to take it for very long (I got food poisoning).  So now I have just recently tried it again and it is going great! Due to allergies I only take the 1 pill a day, where normally you would take 2 a day for a week to completly quit smoking, then 1 a day for a month or two.  I have only taken the 1 a day and went from over a pack a day to 9 cigarettes a day, this is my 3rd week.  I am going to give it another week or two, then cut out another cigarette or 2.  I am aiming to cut back a cigarette a month at least until I am done!  The Zyban helps with the panic feeling of me trying to quit and just makes not taste very good which is a great incentive to quit!


Republic, MO


zyban is the cure to stop smoking


  2 weeks ago i was perscibed zyban to help me quit smoking. the very first thing i noticed my cigarettes tasted different. they just didnt taste good. as a matter of fact it was almost disgusting. after 2 drags on my first cigarette i had to put it out. for the next 4 days i still had the urge to light up but it was the same. the cigarettes tasted terrible. i went from smoking a pack a day to one pack in three days immediately. once i found ways to keep myself occupied (my hands) the urge to even light up went away by day 5. i have smoked for 20 years and have tried alot of things to quit from gum to patches. i thought i would never be able to quit. i am proud to say at the end of the first week i had gone 2 days without a cigarette!! thats longer than i had gone than with any other aide i had tried!! im not sure how this medicine works but it made the physical cravings go away almost immediately!!! the only thing i had to deal with were my smoking habits which are easy to change. i had no withdrawel symptoms and quitting smoking turned into one of the easiest things i have ever done!!!!


Henryetta, OK


Zyban Prescription Pill

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