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Zyban Burproban 150mg ER Tablets

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I was amazed at how well this product worked for me.


Approximately a month and a half ago I tried the smoking cessation prescription medication Buproban 150mg ER Tablets (Zyban) and have had great success. I have not only managed to completley quit smoking but I also have lost 10 pounds due to an increase in my daily exercise routine.  To me that is a big plus being that the average person tends to gain a bit of weight after quitting smoking. I had very minimal tobacco withdrawl symptoms, such as irratability, moodiness or fatigue. I credit Buproban ER for giving me a postive attitude and an all around sense of feeling good. I believe it has helped me to treat my depression thus giving me more desire to do the positive things that I enjoy doing like morning jogs, cooking healthy meals, playing with my 3 children and completing home projects. I would like to add that I have had no side effects from Buproban ER unlike other prescription smoking cessation medications and that I have also tried other methods such as Chantix prescription medication, patches, gum,  lozenges and trying to quit cold turkey. I would recommed this to anyone who is serious about wanting to quit smoking and has tried other methods with out success.

Green Bay, WI


Zyban Burproban 150mg ER Tablets

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