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Zwilling JA Henckels
Zwilling JA Henckels Spirit Thermolon Fry Pan

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One of these was not enough!


I absolutely love this fry pan. I first purchased the 12" size. My husband and I nicknamed it "Big Blue". The non-stick surface works better than anything I have ever tried. After being delighted with the performance of the large pan, I wanted one that would be appropriate for smaller cooking tasks, so, I bought both the 10" and the 8". I have had them for about a year and have not been let down. The investment was well worth it. Today, the nonstick surface is in the same great shape as when I bought it. My favorite thing about it is that I can actually flip my egg mixture when making an omelet without fail. Since nothing really stick, clean-up is just a quick wash in warm soapy water. Doesn't Stick Food lifts right off pan, even eggs. Heat Distribution Food heats very evenly. Ease of Handling Sturdy handle. People that don't have strong wrists my find large pan to be heavy. Ease of Cleaning Easy soap and water wash. Once when I did burn something, I did use a little baking soda and gently rubbed. Area came clean. Check manufacturers recommendations to be sure that this is ok. Durability Very well built. Nice heavy stainless steel base and handle.

Lake Mills, WI




It just doesn't get better than this. It is slick slick slick. Soooo slick you have to be careful flipping foods less your steak lands on the floor. It needs no seasoning or reseasoning. I burnt the mac and cheese already..... charred goods slid right out. The riveted handle has a graceful arch. The pan is beautifully balanced, it feeels expensive. All I need to know is where are the POTS?! The magic says Zwilling of this Spirit Twin Choice pan, comes from its Thermolon Granite coating. Its nicknamed already its so hip, "The Rock". Zwilling says, "this Thermolon Granite is state-of-the-art technology for the daily kitchen routine. It is extremely scratch-resistant, heat-proof up to 450°C, very durable and free of PTFE (Polytetrafluorethylene) and PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid). The manufacturing process is especially environmentally friendly with up to 60 % less CO2 emission." Its SIGMA Clad 3-Ply Construction 18/10 Stainless Steel, Aluminum Core and Magnetic Stainless Steel make it compatible with gas, electric, ceramic and induction stove tops. Doesn't Stick Noooo things don't! And its the only nonstick I've ever seen that says Go Right Ahead and really Fry in it. Most non stick surfaces are gummed up if you really regularly add a cup of cooking oil and attempt to fry chicken or potatoes. "The Rock", doesn't seem to care whether you high fat fry or steam and go the low calorie route. Heat Distribution It seers meats almost instantly. But if there is a flaw this is it. Across the bottom it lives up to the hype. No cool spots but try to brown the edge of your food using the corners and sides of the pan and you'll find it is not as "to the rim" as they claim. Ease of Cleaning Swoosh Done. Not even the exterior holds burnt on grime. Durability I caught a family member going at it with a serrated edge knife. Didn't hurt it one bit but I do not recommend doing that.

Coldwater, MI


Zwilling JA Henckels Spirit Thermolon Fry Pan

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