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Zunspot Zunspot

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it takes time but it works


I bought zunspot for my daughter not for sunspots but to cure spots on face. I have to say I didn't notice results right away but after a week I noticed a difference in my daughters skin. I noticed the spots are less noticeable and the spot are smaller. I'm so glad I ordered this item for my daugher. it's a product I feel works not only for my daughters skin color but also the problems she suffer from. why I bought this and was interested in Zunspot because I got a free sample and after my daughter used it her skin was clear. So when she suffered the same problem again all the other product she or I bought it would work in the beginning than turn again her skin. So when i was online I ordered Zunspot this month and it was the best thing for my daughter. i would recommend this product for people who hav problems with their skin not from the sun only but other problems. The only negative is the smell but you don't have to go out in the streest. This is a product you was off after leaving it on for a while. so I say if you want to buy this product buy it. it doesn't work the next day but t does work.

Brooklyn, NY


Zunspot is meant to fade sun spots, but it works on acne scars!


Zunspot was created to eliminate spots on your skin caused by the sun.  I received a free sample of this product and decided to try it out on those red marks left behind by acne.  I am pretty lucky in that I do not break-out often, but when I get a pimple, it leaves behind a red dot that takes FOREVER to fade.  To use this product is simple.  You apply the thick cream that appears orangey, but goes on clear, and let it sit for 10 minutes.  After the 10 minutes, just wash the cream off.  I usually do it while I'm brushing my teeth & wash it off in the shower.  The claim is that if you do this a couple of times a week, the spots will disappear.  Though I can still see some spots, they are much more faint.  With continued use, I honestly believe they will fade away completely.  The working ingredient in the cream is selenium sulfide (1%).  It is odorless as well so that was a relief since I was using it on my face. 

Agawam, MA


Zunspot Zunspot

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