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Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone Workout

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Zumba Sculpt & Tone is fun but I'm not so sure about the toning.


***Quick View:*** I am rediscovering Zumba after taking a break from the [original series][1] and doing other at home workouts. I bought the new DVD set which includes a set of "toning sticks" and this workout among others. I like the workout - it's high energy, fun, and fast paced - but I'm not sure the really light sticks are going to do much actual toning. ***My Take on Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone Workout*** This workout is 45 minutes long. It comes in the Zumba Fitness package with other workouts but you can find it alone. This workout utilizes the new Zumba toning sticks which are super light (I don't even think they're a pound each). These sticks look like little weights and seem to be sand filled because they rattle from inside when I use them. As usual, Beto Perez is front and center with Tanya, a dark haired girl who does most of the instructing. There are a bunch of fit people behind them and a bongo drummer off to the side as well as a couple of guys here and there working out. You start with a warm up and quickly get right to the workout which has very good Latin music and super high energy. You use the toning sticks to work the upper body and arms while doing steps you learned on other Zumba dance DVDs. Not much is new from the other DVDs except a bunch of arm exercises which are very easy to pick up. You will do a lot with your upper body which I think is great but the sticks never truly feel like they are doing anything. That is, I don't feel as though they are heavy enough to really tone my arms or upper body. Still, just the constant movement of the upper and lower body will burn calories and help sculpt. Expect lots of dancing, very fast paced moves, and an uneven pace. You will go from nearly racing around to slowly doing little hip swivels or belly dancing. The one thing that gets me about Zumba is that it seems as though Beto (the originator of Zumba) doesn't realize that we shouldn't go from racing to basically standing still so quickly. I prefer workouts that build then slowly lower the tempo although there is something to be said about interval training. It just feels weird to go from hopping around to a near dead stop and swiveling my hips super slowly. After about 25 minutes, you will put the toning sticks down and get to the cardio part of the workout. Make no mistake, the WHOLE workout is cardio even with the brief breaks. At that point, you do a full on series of fast paced moves and dances and end with a short cool down at the 45 minute mark. Although I really don't think anyone should rely on the **Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone Workout** to tone their arms and upper body, I do think this workout certainly helps. You are doing a lot of arm pumping and twisting and, of course, your legs are moving like crazy. Zumba is infectious and I just can't stop smiling when I do it even though I often am all messed up on the steps. Oh, one other thing. They actually do show someone who is doing this whole workout without the toning sticks so feel free to follow her if you aren't yet ready to add any weight. You will still feel it after! ***My Viewpoint*** The** Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone Workout** is a fun, high energy one that makes use of the Zumba toning sticks. it isn't my favorite Zumba workout but I do like the attention paid to the arms and upper body, areas that are often overlooked with dance workouts. This workout is tough but fun. Just enjoy it and don't try to be perfect. You WILL feel it after although whether you will actually tone your arms is yet to be seen (by me anyway).*** 4 stars.*** ***Another workout in the series:*** [Zumba Fitness Cardio Party Workout][2] [1]: http://www.viewpoints.com/Zumba-For-Beginners-Workout-review-6aa9 [2]: http://www.viewpoints.com/reviews/Zumba-Fitness-Cardio-Party-Workout-review-546a3

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Zumba Fitness Sculpt & Tone Workout

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