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Zumba Advanced (2002)

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60 minutes of chaos. I had NO idea what I was doing.


**Quick View:** This is a review of the original **Zumba Advanced **workout tape produced in 2002. I got it in a two pack with the Beginners workout, which I enjoyed. I hate the Advanced one though because it is 60 minutes of chaos. **The Workout** Beto is the man who created Zumba and he can barely speak English. Luckily, he has an English speaking helper named Giselle who is really the one who gives sparse instructions and keeps us going. This workout is 60 minutes long and assumes you have done the Beginners workout and know the basic steps. While I DID do the Beginners workout and liked it, I was still lost when I did this one. The set is fun with lots of pretty people, a three-piece live band, and lots of good Latin inspired music. Once the workout begins, it's just so fast paced and so complicated that I was totally lost. I pick up steps fast and I have learned to improvise but this was nuts. There was no instruction, just a few shout outs of the names of the dance steps. I am no dancer but I do generally get the idea and get a good workout. I can do that with this workout as well but it is frustrating to try to do a dance workout with so very little instruction. I suppose, if you already know Latin dance steps or are a REALLY quick learner, this is a good workout. It definitely gets the heart rate up. However, although I don't like a lot of instruction and constant practice, I would like a HINT as to what I am supposed to do. I did this a few times then went back and just did the Beginners workout twice in a row or did other dance workouts that weren't so chaotic, **My Viewpoint** The 2004 version may be better as far as instruction goes but I have heard it isn't. I don't plan to buy the new version of Zumba since I have plenty of dance workouts to keep me busy. This original version is tough. I like the Beginners workout a lot but really don't like the Advanced. Maybe I am just too wimpy to keep up but, if I get frustrated and confused, I will quit. And that is just what I did. I never touch this workout. ***2 stars***. It's really confusing and you need to be quite advanced in Latin dance steps to pick up the routine. Plus 60 minutes of constant, fast movement is pretty tough unless you're in great shape. I did it but I was whipped at the end!

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Zumba Advanced (2002)

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