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Zud Cream Cleaner

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cleaned where no cleanser had cleaned before


It isn't magic but with a little elbow grease it gets the job done. Performance I have an ivory toilet in the guest bathroom that doesn't get used much. For some reason it gets a little streak of rust stain inside of the rim after it sits for a while without use. (I don't understand *why *because we have soft water and none of the other toilets get a rust stain.) I have tried using toilet cleansers, rust remover products and even a pumice stone but nothing seemed to phase the stain. One day I was shopping for something completely unrelated when I noticed the bright yellow package of the Zud Cream Cleanser. The label stated that it was made with a light pumice abrasive mixed with oxalic acid that could dissolve tough rust stains mineral deposits. I had used Zud powder cleanser in the past and liked it so I bought a bottle and returned home. I liked the idea that Zud was a cream cleanser [like Soft Scrub] and wouldn't damage the finish of the toilet but then, again, I had already tried Soft Scrub and it hadn't made a dent in the rust stain so I was skeptical but hopeful that Zud would actually work. The first swipe of the Zud cleanser didn't work either. I was disappointed. I decided to turn off the water, coat the toilet surface where the stain was and let it sit. After an hour or so I used a sponge and scrubbed the cleanser off. Ta-da! The stain was lighter but not completely gone. I tried it one more time and the rest of the stain disappeared.

Northern, FL


The best I've found to date


I have been a fan of Zud rust remover cleansing powder for many years.  I found this Zud Cream Cleaner in the Supermarket about a month ago and thought I'd try it for my Ceramic/Glass Cooktop.  I have used a good number of those specific products right on and up to Easy Off Brand and I really wasn't thrilled with the performance.  I had to actually clean the cooktop with any other cleaner I had on hand and then apply the Cooktop Cleaner and then wipe it off.  It really was a big job that I really didn't like.  ] I used the Zud Cream Cleaner the first day I bought it, yep, and on a dirty cooktop.  It cleaned everything far better than any of the other cooktop specific cleaners.  I sponged it off and dried it with a cloth and the glass looked like a mirror.  I've been using it ever since and will buy it for as long as it is manufactured.

Easton, PA


Zud Cream Cleaner

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