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Zucol Coldcare Lozenges

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This really does shorten your cold


I used this in addition to the regular cough drops and stuff, and I have to say I feel like they really did shorten my cold significantly. I was so pleased that I now keep some on hand throughout the winter for the first sign of a cold. The key is to take them as directed, and to start them immediately, and it gives your immune system the boost it needs to fight off that cold.



Zucol Coldcare has actually helped keep me healthy.


I don't often get sick, unless it's a slight cold, so last year I thought I'd try Zucol Coldcare (orange creme flavor) to see if it would help keep my healthy.  The directions say to start using the product at the first signs of symptoms, so I did just that and I remained free of illness.  Seeing as this year the H1N1 flu has been around, I decided that I would again use Zucol Coldcare in the hopes of warding off an even worse illness.  I can say that I started to get a scratchy throat and immediately pulled out my box of Zucol and it helped again.  I didn't stick to using the whole package, like the directions state and I did end up getting a slighty runny nose.  It was nothing that put me out of commission, but maybe if I had used the entire box I would've been fine. Anyway, I'm a big fan of using things that work AND taste good.  The orange is a mild orange taste and it's not too chalky, like some of those 'dissolve in your mouth' items can be. 

Toledo, OH


Zucol Coldcare Lozenges

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