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Zoya Nail Polish - Jaime

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Love love love the colour, not the formula


Zoya Jaime is easily one of my favourite nail polishes of all time, which says a lot considering my massive collection. It's the one of the ones I always go for when I'm wavering on what to wear since it goes with pretty much everything. The light pinkie colour is gorgeous and etheral, and makes me feel like a princess when I wear it, but it's also neutral enough that it's practical for business wear. It should be noted, though, that I have medium cool toned skin, which I think is the tone that the colour works best one. As for the formula though, I'm not super keen on it. I've gotten bubbling every single time I've put on the polish, which is frustrating since I've never had this happen with other Zoya products. On the other hand, I don't usually have problems with longevity, and the application itself is relatively painless. It's close to opaque in 2 coats, and 3 coats if you're super picky. Despite the flaws in bubbling, I still adore this polish and will purchase another one when I'm done with my current bottle. And getting to the bottom of this bottle is definitely going to happen.




Oh yeah!! Zoya


I must admit, I am a long time OPI user - have never found anything close to durability of OPI until now. I got my first try of Zoya from a facebook promo - ordered 3 colors. I used to get my nails done all the time and we know that acrylics hold polish better than natural nails. In today's economy - one of the things I had to give up was my acrylic nails. doing my own nails is a chore and keeping nailpolish looking great for more than 3 days on natural nails is more of a chore!! Well along comes Zoya - I did my nails - same as I always do, on a Saturday. My polish was still looking great the following saturday - no chipping, just the normal time wear we get anyway. I love this stuff. OPI does great too. But I have never had it last as long as Zoya - I am a new and loyal customer!


Jenison, MI


I really wanted to love Zoya but


I did so want to like this nail polish as it has fewer chemicals than other polish's no formaldehyde. But I could not. It chips way too easy for me and stays on my skin better than my nails lol. It does have a tendency to stain the skin . It takes a bit longer to dry than I am used too. I do use a top coat hardener and am not sure if this is what makes it react so it chips easy? I have used 2 different bottles now and had no luck with either. Tried another one in case the first was older or just defective. The first one I tried was a glitter color in red and thought it may be the glitter polish that chips so easy but the second one I used was a plain deep red and the same results with that. It does have a nice one coat usage. I am not that good at applying and use a corrector pen after I am done with my nails. This is the hardest polish I have ever tried to remove from my skin. It definitely has some nice type of pigment to the polish it dyes my skin lol. Maybe just with the red colors as I have not sued any other colors. I also noticed that my nail is a bit stained after leaving on and touching up for a few days nothing to major again this may only be from red colors. I do love the range of colors and they are gorgeous but for the price I can get easier to apply and longer lasting polish much cheaper with sales and coupons at mass retailers and chain drugstores. I only gave it a 2 due to the colors and no formaldehyde.


Jacksonville, FL


I really want to love it


Ok so I got in on a facebook promotion from Zoya to try three full size bottles of their nail polish for free I just had to pay shipping. I decided to go for it. While I will say that the nail polish arrived surprisingly fast considering the huge amount of orders they had on that promotion I just don't think it is anything super special. I love the idea that it is less harmful than other nail polishes and I have to say it does have a much less noticeable smell than most and I do appreciate that. However they make claims to be a really long lasting polish. So last night I decided to give it a go and polish my fingernails which I rarely do because they end up chipped in less than a day because I am a mother and and lets face it, i ruin my nails doing mommy stuff. So I painted them last night after the kiddo was in bed and what do ya know less that 24 hours later two fingernails have noticeably chipped polish. So to mean it seems more of the same in the longevity factor.


Clarksville, TN


great color!


Great nail polish!!!   Very nice and easy to apply, smooth, and coats well. This is a nice soft, classy color and lasts well.  I have worn several colors and enjoy each one very much. This color is an understated elegance.  I like lighter colors because they do not scream at other people from your fingers or your toes, "hey, look at me!!" Lighter colors are just a classy way to make your nails look nice without overdoing it. Zoya is a brand I will always look at compared too others.  The cost is also great.  It generally runs in the mid range.  I have found that most of the time it is not the highest cost polish on the shelf but also not the cheapest.  I think it delivers as good at the more costly brands and does not separate in the bottle when sitting as other cheaper brands do.  It does not chip or peel easily and I am tough on my hands. Would reccommend this color and brand to others as a great polish!1    


Aurora, CO


Zoya Nail Polish - Jaime

3.8 5