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Zotos Age Beautiful Anti Aging Haircolor

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I couldn't find any reviews, advice, tips, etc... about this product online. Decided to go for it anyways because I was feeling optimistic I guess. Used Age beautiful 20 vol. developer. Processed for 18 min. The fumes burned my eyes & nose. The mix burned my scalp. We expect these things. BUT - my hair color is completely unchanged. Still brassy plus DRY & STRIPPED now. I'm really upset. Don't fall into the same trap I did. Ignore the swatches at your beauty supplier. Age beautiful toner is a DUD.

Mt. Clemens, MI


Dull hair no more!!!!


Love the finished look! My hair is softer, shinier and just feels so much better after using the anti-aging hair color. The ends of my hair looked fried, but now....wow! I would recommend this to anyone who's hair has lost the shine because of age or health. I truly feel 10 years younger and that's what counts!



Intriguing results.


Full disclosure: I was in a hurry when I saw these on sale at Sally's so instead of grabbing my usual 6RC I accidentally grabbed a tube of 6R. One little letter makes a big difference in tone, but I was pleasantly surprised by the results. I didn't realize I'd gotten the wrong shade until I squeezed it out and saw candy apple red instead of penny copper. I know, I know, the color block on the box should have tipped me off. I have no excuse. But I was already in the process of coloring, it was a demi-permanent shade and my roots, they needed covering right quick. I went ahead and used it. I had been using the previously mentioned copper shade (from another brand) to warm up my brown hair and make my greys look like highlights. I wasn't sure what light red would do. Well color me happy, because it turned my hair the exact shade I had always been going for back when I used to buy box kits of Chestnut Brown off the shelf at the drugstore. The drugstore kits were always just a little darker and not quite burnished enough to fit the color I had in my mind's eye. AGE Beautiful light red got me there by pure accident. I have some reservations about the fallout the developer caused, but I will remember the results from that shade and most likely buy the color again. Effectiveness This really does grab onto hair and cover gray. I followed the instructions to leave it on for 20 minutes and my hair turned out well saturated with color. It also has a lot of shine and good dimension. My highlights are showing up better than with other single process colors I've tried. However, I also saw more fallout than I like to see in a hair color, especially a demi-perm which is supposed to be less damaging. The fallout is the only effect that does not fit the anti-aging prerogative of this brand, but it's enough that I will probably try the color with a brand of developer that has had a better track record on my hair next time. Oh I know they say you have to use the color with the same brand developer, but all brands say that. Doesn't mean you have to. Ease of Application I used the demi-permanent creme color together with the demi-permanent creme developer and the formula was very creamy indeed. It's got a thick texture that is ideal for painting, so if you prefer a brush and bowl method of application this one's for you. If you prefer the squeeze bottle this is dense enough to make that method problematical, unless you thin out the formula with protein filler or some other additive.

Tampa, FL


Zoto's Age Beautiful Haircolor


Zoto's Age Beautiful Haircolor is AWESOME!!!!!  I have been coloring my hair for 41 years and this is the BEST hair color I have ever used. I've tried just about everything. My hair is in better condition now since using Zoto's Age Beautiful and it is everything it claims to be. I use Zoto's Age Beautiful developer in combination with it. It even covers 100% resistant gray! Leaves my hair shiny until the next coloring - and I color every 3.5 to 4 weeks because of my gray growing in quickly. I have shoulder length, thick, wavy hair and I have never, ever found a hair color that I look so forward to using. My hair is much more manageable since using this haircoloring. My hairdresser even wanted to know where I was getting my hair colored at!  Can't say enough good things about Zoto's Age Beautiful. It truly turns back the clock on aging hair! but I'd recommend it for ANY age - wish I had it years ago.

Olathe, KS


Zotos Age Beautiful Anti Aging Haircolor

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