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Our Zooper Waltz hasn't held up as expected for the price


We have always gotten a lot of compliments on the look of the zooper waltz, but in terms of quality, I'm starting to think we could have saved some money and bought a cheaper stroller.  We paid a lot and when it all comes down to it, it is just a stroller that will get a good workover by your growing child.  Ours has food ground into it, one prong of the buckles broke off (it still snaps fine ) and the sun shade is bent to the side, these are results of my toddler and the same would happen to any stroller put through this test I'm sure, which is why I feel like I should have just bought a cheaper one in the first place. I have really enjoyed the weather accesories (sun shade, rain sheild, and cold weather blanket  bunting thing), they are very cool and work much better than anything makeshift I would have to rig up on the fly.  Overall, the biggest appeal seems to be it's cool appearance which, I think if I had it do over again, I might not have wanted to pay so much for.

College Place, WA


I've been very happy with my Zooper Waltz!


We've had a Zooper Waltz stroller for just over four years.  It is our only stroller, so if we've needed a stroller, this is the one we used.  I have used it in our rural neighboorhood, in the mall, zoo, at Disney World, and anywhere else we needed to go!  It is a little tricky to fold up sometimes.  My husband never seems to be able to figure it out.  It does take 2 hands.  However, it has help up very well.  It really doesn't look four years old.  It drives smoothly, and the stroller is easy to steer.  The cup holder is okay for water bottles, but not great for something that might spill.  I did use it for my daughter when she was an infant.  The back reclines to a pretty low angle, so naps are a definite possibility.  If I had it to do over again, I might consider something with a matching infant carseat to make life a little easier.  The basket has pretty good clearance, so carrying diaper backs underneath is no problem.  All around, a good stroller!   

Georgetown, KY


Zooper Stroller

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