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Zojirushi NHS-18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

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Perfect little rice cooker


I received the Zojirushi NHS-18 10-Cup Rice Cooker as a birthday present. I have to say that I had grown quite accustomed to cooking rice on the stove top and was hesitant to incorporate this new small kitchen appliance into my meal preparation routine. I am so glad I started using this rice cooker. The quality of this product is fantastic. You can clearly tell that a lot of care and time was taken during the manufacturing process and high quality materials were used. I am super impressed with how easy it is to use the Zojirushi NHS-18 10-Cup Rice Cooker. You measure out the rice, measure out an equal amount of water, plug it it, and shift the lever down to cook the rice. When the rice is finished, the lever pops up to the "keep warm" setting. One thing I have found is that if I do not remove the rice from the metal insert immediately, it does crisp up a little on the bottom. The Zojirushi NHS-18 10-Cup Rice Cooker makes perfect rice each time. I like that I can make a small amount or a large amount of rice at one time. Overall, I absolutely love this rice cooker and highly recommend it! Design This is such a simple and effective rice cooker!



Zojirushi Rice Cooker


I like the Zojirushi rice cooker. It is really easy to use and cooks the rice pretty quickly. I like that the cord can be disconnected from the cooker and you can put it inside the cooker for storage when you are not using it. You can also use the tray to steam vegetables over the rice if you want to. There are only two buttons on it making it really simple to use. You can turn it on to cook the rice and you can keep the rice warm when it is done. I would like a rice cooker that is a little bit smaller than this one, because I have minimal space in my kitchen. The rice does not burn in this cooker, but it can stick to the bottom a little bit. Overall, I am happy with the Zojirushi rice cooker.

Detroit, MI




I love this rice cooker! It is so easy to use and makes perfect rice. I can't believe how easy it is. Just be sure to fill the water first, then add the rice. Makes brown rice, white rice, basmati, sushi rice, and all of it comes out beautifully. The pan is truly non-stick, unlike many other rice cookers I have tried, and so easy to clean. Just wipe down with a soft cloth, no scrubbing needed, and the teflon stays in tact. I have made flavored rice, with chicken broth, or saffron and turmeric, and it is so delicious! A lot of steam does escape, so plan on a damp counter top, but it is not a big deal. I am in love with this machine and I make rice all the time now. I have started buying fifteen pound bags of rice! Before, I hardly made rice because it was such a hassle. And the rice can stay warm all day in the machine, though I have not had the guts to try this, though it is probably okay to do this. Can't recommend this enough. Just read the directions once and then you're set. I really love that the measurements are built in.

Eugene, OR


Zojirushi NHS-18 10 Cup Rice Cooker Restaurant Quality Rice


My Zojirushi NHS-18 10 Cup Rice Cooker makes sushi restaurant quality rice every time.  I received mine as a gift about 10 years ago and use it often.  I think it's really well designed with its non-stick removable insert and electrical cord.  Plus it comes with a measuring cup that corresponds with the measurements in the insert making it very easy to pour in the right amount of rice and water.  Also it comes with a plastic serving  paddle that prevents the insert from being scratched.  Since the electrical cord is removable, it makes it really easy to store without the threat of losing any pieces.  I also like that the glass lid and the insert can be put in the dishwasher without harm.  However, the insert could be a little more sturdy because its got some dents in it.  Since it's so portable, it's easy to take it someplace else to make rice for a dinner party or a sushi-making demonstration.

Newport, RI


Going on seven years and still loving it!


I got this Zojirushi as a wedding present over six years ago and it's been working great all six plus years. I love how simple and easy it is. Just put in the water and rice then push down the little lever to start it cookin'. The rice always comes out perfectly. Evenly cooked through out. It doesn't stick to the bottom, or burn. I use mine a lot and the nonstick coating is still in great condition. Actually the whole thing is still in great condition. I assumed all rice cookers were equal till someone told me their rice always stuck and someone else told me theirs would burn quite often. I don't recall what brand theirs were, but I know they weren't Zojirushi. I have never had any problems like that with my Zojirushi! I would strongly recommend it to anyone. And I can vouch for their durability and good life length. I don't know what I would do without it! What a time saver it is. When/ if it kicks the bucket I'll definitely go buy another Zojirushi.

Bothell, WA


Zojirushi NHS-18 10-Cup Rice Cooker

4.8 5