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Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup Rice Cooker

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Sticky rice yum!


We like sticky rice in this house, and not just for sushi. The Zojirushi rice cooker makes perfectly steamed sticky rice when you follow the instructions and use the included measuring cup. If you don't use the cup, it will still make good rice but the good rice will be encased in a cradle of burnt rice. The steam basket is also very useful if you like to steam vegetables. This unit makes it relatively easy to get steamed food right as long as you follow the directions and use the measuring cup. It makes up to six cups of rice which is plenty for a small family dinner. Performance When you use the measuring cups and instructions that come with the unit, you will get perfect sticky steamed rice. You do have to be very aware of the water levels and the timer. The water levels needed use this system are such that you're not going to find in standard cookbooks, so hold onto the owner's manual and measuring cup that comes with this. If you lose either one, you might have to take to the internets to find out how much water and rice to put into the machine because the recipes in US units are not going to work out for ideal rice in this machine. Ease of Cleaning The Zojirushi has a nonstick pan that comes out for easy cleaning. The lid, measuring cup, steam basket and rice paddle are also very easy to clean and keep clean. On this unit they are all small enough to easily fit in the dishwasher. I still have my pan, basket and paddle and none of those three are stained or damaged. Ease of Use As mentioned above, the Zojirushi comes with its own measuring cup and instruction manual. Don't lose them! The units needed for perfect rice are not going to work out according to most rice-on-the-stove recipes you will find, so keep those two items handy because if you try to guesstimate you are liable to end up with a burnt layer of rice around the good rice. Durability The tub, paddle and steam basket are all extremely durable. As a matter of fact, I still have mine and have had them all for about a decade. However, the lid is made of glass and therefore vulnerable to accidents. Needless to say, mine is broken. Luckily the lid to my small crock pot fits pretty well with just enough steam escaping out the sides. Unluckily, I have now lost my measuring cup. I think I will need to see if I can order new parts for this rice cooker. Design This unit is well designed to make perfect sticky rice. It's also got a good design for steaming veggies using the steam basket. The lid has a steam release hole on the top that ensures good results. The plastic rice paddle is just the right size for this unit and holds up extremely well. As mentioned above, I still have mine and it has never stained. The only weaknesses are that the lid is glass and therefore breakable, and the cup is rather vital to using this machine properly, so to lose it is to have to replace it.

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Zojirushi NHS-10 6-Cup Rice Cooker

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