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Zojirushi Bread Maker

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Great bread machine.


Very durable...had it for several years, and it hasn't busted. Makes terrific bread! No issues at all. Even makes good dough. Stability While in Use Make sure the pan is snapped into position tightly. That's happened a couple of times that the machine starts shaking and making loud noise...but that was my fault for making sure the pan wasn't secure in the machine. Performance I've made all sorts of types of loaves in this machine. Pesto, wheat, raisin, sourdough, etc. It makes everything. Ease of Use Just pout in the ingredients and let 'er rip. Put in the liquid stuff first, then the dry stuff. Add things like nuts & raisins as it's kneading when it starts beeping. Durability This thing has been through several moves. I have no problems with it whatsoever, even dropped it once and it keeps working. pretty easy to clean too. Sometimes the bread gets stuck in the pan and you have to shake it really hard to get it out, but otherwise, it works really well.



Zojirushi bread machine great!


My zojirushi bread machine lasted about 10 years, before the electronics quit. Until then, it was great! Zojirushi uses a non-stick coating that works better than other companies, is durable, and doesn't chip off. You don't feel like there are bits of Teflon chemicals in your food. The controls are easy, and replacement parts are readily available from the manufacturer, for a reasonable fee. The bread machine does what it's supposed to do, bake fresh bread. Ahhhh, waking to the smell of baking bread is better than waking to the smell of fresh coffee, even! You do want to time it a little, since you are supposed to remove the bread after it's done, to prevent over baking. I've experimented with adding fruit, nuts, etc, and as long as you dint go crazy with the "wet" fruits, you should be fine. I've had some breads that actually overflow the pan, because of that, but hey, that's my fault, not zojirushi's! I will definitely be getting another zojirushi if this one ever goes. I love mine so much that vie even taken it to a condo with me when we go skiing, to get that fresh bread smell!

Mountain View, CA


Great bread and money saver


We got this bread machine from my mom, who bought it and then went on a version of the Atkins diet a month or so later. In the years we have owned it (I forget how many 4+ though) it has become a major part of our food prep. My husaband and I were vegans for a while so we made great pizza dough with it. Now we are using it 1-2 times a week to make sandwitch bread, pizza dough, pav, dinner rolls, etc... The bread comes out nice, but you tend to need to add more liquid than the recipie calls for. Not a big fan of the cakes it makes though. The cake tend to come out more like chocolate bread. The texture is just really off. As far as durabliy, ours is going after 2 cross country moves and easily 200+ uses. It is certainly worth the money and we would not hesitate to buy another one.

Pittsburgh, PA


Great breadmaker


I would really like to use this breadmaker more than I do. The few times I've used it, it has made wonderful bread. I like that you can toss the ingredients in and walk away. The machine mixes and cooks for you. My problem is remembering to use it. My machine has the potion for one large loaf or two small loaves, one over each stirrer. If you're using starter, you can leave off the stirrers. This bread machine is versitile and reliable. The instruction book that comes with it has a ton of great recipies. The user interface can be a bit confusing but the book walks you through it. I bought one for my sister-in-law and she uses hers several times a week and loves it. It has stood the test of time and abuse for 6 years and still makes a perfect loaf ever time. I like this breadmaker and would definitely recommend it to friends.

Bent Mountain, VA


My Machine maybe 10 years old but it still works and I love it!


I love my Zojirushi so much that if it ever decided to go into permanent retirement I would not consider a different brand.  I would buy another Zojirushi.  My Zojirushi is about 10 years old and it still works and looks like it is brand new. It is one of the best investments I ever made.  It saves me time and money.  I have wheat allergies and have used spelt flour and other non wheat grains and my bread comes out better and tastes better than the store bought brands.  It did take me about 5 attempts to obtain the right amount of ingredients before I had a spelt loaf I could eat.  I have used my bread maker with regular white flour and whole wheat flour.  Those have come out great as well.

Woodbury, CT


Zojirushi is a God send


This Zojirushi bread making machine is certainly a God send for me. I use it  to make the dough for my Pizzas,  Within 2 hours my dough is made, risen, proofed and ready to roll out, add sauce and all the other goodies one loves on their puizza and 450 degrees on lower rack and "Voila",,,..Pizza good enough to eat and better than store bought.   Try my Italian loaves of bread,  *I have two loaves baked under two hours.  I usually bake the loaves four times a week and freeze them.  This way I always have fressh bread on hand. The loaves are delicious with a good crust and soft inside.*   *I would go crazy if I did not have a dough making setting.  *   *The regular bread setting (when I want to make a rich white bread,  bakes the most aromatic smelling bread that my family enjoys.*   *Well, this is what I love about my Zojirushi Bread Machine.  It does everything and does it well.*   *It is also quiet, beeps when done or ready and so easy to clean.*   *You will never regret owing one.*   *Treat yourself and buy one today. You will be so glad you did and...look at the money you will save which is so important in these trying tiimes we have today*       

West Yellowstone, MT


Zojirushi Bread Maker

4.8 6