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Ziploc Slider Bags with Smart Zip

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Works Well but tends to cause "Overzipping".


This is one of my favorite Ziploc bags to use. The slider makes it simple to close the bag and know that it is closed. With many other storage bags, I have to manually press in the seal and do that across the whole bag. Apart from the manually sealing, another problem I have with these other kinds of bags is that they can be easily and unintentionally left open. Many times after I have sealed them, I come back only to find that it was not sealed after all; it only looked that way. This has happened repeatedly to me when using these bags but almost never when using this slider bag with smart zip. This is because I can easily tell when the bag is open. If the slider is on the left or middle, its open, if its own the right its closed. The smart zip sealer is designed for comfort; it is slightly indented and large enough for the fingers to grasp. It slides very fast , but sometimes therein lies a problem. I tend to "over zip" the bag frequently and the smart zip comes completely off. However, its not hard to put the zip back on, just come from above and squeeze it back on. If Ziploc could fix this overzipping problem I'd give this product a 10.



Ziploc Slider Bags - Really Convenient


I was hesitant to try Ziploc's Slider Food Storage Bags when they first hit the shelves because they are a little more expensive than the traditional zipper type bags. Then I found them on sale at my grocery store, bought them, and saw what the appeal is. They are very easy to use,, The slider feature on these bags causes them to be really easy to open and close, which makes them perfect for older people or younger people. They would be perfect for someone with arthritic hands. In our house, we are all on the younger end of the spectrum, so I use these bags to store and organize children's game pieces, card game sets, and other small toys, in addition to food. The children can easily open and close the bags, and unlike other zipper bags, it is obvious when these bags are fully closed. This is nice because you don't accidentally have an open part that allows the bag's contents to leak out everywhere.





When they work they are fine; however, the zipper is unreliable. I had used them to sort out various sizes and colors of my son's Logos. Unfortunately, several of the zippers broke and they opened up. These bags were in no way overstuffed. Many only had a few logos in them. The zipper just didn't stay sealed. I tried the zipper again for the open ones and they all had this same problem. I had to resort a good section of these again. The second time I was smart and used the Hefty quart bags instead. Problem solved (by Hefty). I wouldn't trust these for anything messy or liquid.

Spring City, PA


I have had a problem with the slide tab coming off the bag.


The product has a nice secure seal, but I have had a problem with the slide tab coming off the bag after very minimal use. I have always liked Ziploc, but it seems that their latest design doesn't work as well as the previous models. I hope they find a way to keep the slide tab from coming off as I do like the nice secure seal that ziploc provides.

Janesville, WI


Great Ziplock Bags & Handy for Travel


On a recent trip we had to put all of our liquids in a quart sized bag for the TSA. I had a box of Ziplock Slider Bags with a "Smart Zip" feature, and these worked great! I could easily add and remove items as I needed, and the bag held up beautifully. The bags are clear and have a bottom that is pleated so it expands to hold more food. The expandable bottom is also convenient when filling the bags with food as it allows them to stand upright by themselves fairly well. The box contained 38 bags, which measure 8 inches by 5 7/8 inches by 1 7/8 inches. I use these bags for all sorts of things in my kitchen! Just today I poured out too much Quinoa and had to put it back into the bag it came in (I snipped off the top), so I poured the Quinoa into one of these bags. When I have a partial onion, tomato, or other such veggies I stick them in one of these bags and return them to my refrigerator. The bags seal tightly and no odors are detectable. They can be used to store crafts or send special treats in a child's lunch. The possibilities are endless. I love these bags, they are sturdy and the slider stays on and doesn't break. I highly recommend the Ziplock brand of food bags.

Eagle River, AK


Ziploc Slider Bags with Smart Zip

3.8 5