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ZipFizz - Energy Drink

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Zipfizz energy in a tube


Now I have different opinions of Zipfizz the drink and Zipfizz the company. As a company, they have poor comunication and towards the end were downright unprofessional. As a product, I love the orange flavor, and the pink lemonade but the grape I think is nasty and I wouldn't even drink the grape when I was getting it for free. It is a healthy powder with a bunch of vitamins and it gives you a bunch of energy! Downside is that the B-12 makes me need to go pee a lot! lol I don't like how if you don't use a disposable water bottle like they advertise, you get a thick film that sticks to the side of the bottle and if you don't clean it right away it gets stuck to the bottle and it is hard to clean off. If you don't pour out enough water from the water bottle and pour in the powder sometimes you have to race with the growing foam and the lid to put the lid on before it explodes... but once you get the hang of it and mess up once, you don't let that happen again :) I love mixing the orange flavor and the pink flavor together thats my favorite!

Tucson, AZ


tasty but has caffeine


My dad is a doctor and he really loves the zip fizz drinks because they contain a lot of vitamin B which is supposed to help the mind (memory, thinking, etc).   I'm a college student that hates coffee so I thought I might try this for an energy boost.   Its great during the day but if i drink it anytime after 4pm I get really anxious.  Then I read that it contains caffeine, which makes me super jittery (hence the reason I dont drink coffee).   I think its a good product, but I'm super sensitive to caffeine so its not the right one for me.   I'll probably switch back to emergen'c after I finish up my box of zip fizz. But personally, I'm really bummed about this because zip fizz is probably the best tasting energy drink I have ever had!! its really not a chore to drink at all.  Emergen'c and monster, red bull and other energy drinks are a little painful to take because they are overly fizzy or taste like medicine.

Claremont, CA


Some Thing New, Fast & Interesting


I first tried the Berry flavored one and really liked it.  I then tried the Pink Lemonaid and Orange one and it tasted very vitamin like and didnt care for it, but just tasted the Grape and it's delicious.  Just pour it in a water bottle shake it up and you are good to go! 

Woodridge, IL


Great Tasting Energy


So often in the middle of the day or the early mornings I am really tired before I start work so I need an energy boost.  This is usually resolved with a cup of coffee, but sometimes I just want a drink that is refreshing but still healthy.  ZipFizz is an amazing new energy drink that not only will give you a boost, but it is great for your immune system.  Unlike other energy drinks that are pure sugar and caffeine, ZipFizz is made with herbal extracts and metabolism boosting ingredients to give you energy and keep you healthy.  The powder is mixed with a full bottle of water and tastes good.  They have a berry, citrus, orange and pink lemonade variety.  The mixture dissolve quickly and each drink has only 10 calories.  I experienced a little energy boost and the mix was refreshing on a hot day.  The drink contains 9 vitamins, lots of minerals and antioxidants to boost your immune system.  I love that you don't experience the energy crash as you will with soda and coffee.  This is refreshing and a great way to get a little energy in your day.  It is low calorie with no sugar.

Las Vegas, NV


ZipFizz - Energy Drink

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