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Zip It
Zip It Drain Cleaner

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Drain Clogged? Zip it open


I've had some problems with the sink in my bathroom clogging up and filling up with water. Who knows what's down there!  But whatever it is, it's has slowed down the drain to a crawl.  In order to unclog the drain I tried **Cobra's Zip It Drain Cleaning Tool**.   This little tool is a flexible, plastic strip about 1.5 foot long. On either side are sharp little spikes that look like a shark's tooth.  The end it also pointy.  You slide this device down the drain slowly and then slowly pull it back up.  With any luck a bunch of gunk will come up too.  When I used the **Zip It Drain Clearing Tool** it did help unclog the drain, but did not entirely solve the problem.  The nasty looking gunk that was plugging up the works did come up.  And the water in the sink did drain out, albeit slowly. However, it continued to drain slowly afterwards.  The **Zip It** plumbing tool helped unclog the sink by dislodging some of the debris stuck in the pipes. But I also needed some drain cleaner as well, to eat through the worst of it.  I would recommend Zip It based on my experience since it did help, and I'll rate this product as 3 stars. One word of caution is that the little ''teeth'' are pretty sharp, so keep it away from children.


Denver, CO


Zip It Drain Cleaner

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