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Zexius / OHTSU
Zexius / OHTSU - XI-427

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Consider another brand


I have purchased and used two models of Zexius (OHTSU) brand tires, XI-326 and XI-427 and my suggestion is to avoid those tires if you can afford to. If not, drive very cautiously in all weather conditions with these tires on your vehicle. I believe the tires actually caused an accident I was involved in.  The tire tread compound seems very hard and you will get over 40,000 miles on the tread with minimal wear BUT in my opinion that makes the tire operate on the low end of the safety scale even in non-emergency stopping conditions.  In wet conditions with brakes applied I have experienced sliding as if the car was on ice. I am referring to ALL wet conditions from light sprinkle to pouring rain. Leaving a stop sign or stoplight requires a very light ,gingerly touch on the accelerator or you will spin the tires. In dry conditions my experience has been only slightly better stopping and starting from a stop. The tires will chirp easily with most starts. I will qualify this experience by writing that I am not an aggressive driver. I drive a Ford Focus with an automatic transmission which I would consider one of the least "performance" cars on the market. Call me stupid for actually purchasing and continuing to use what I consider unsafe tires but I was not in a financial position to purchase better performing tires at the time. I have purchased Falken brand tires and realize how unsafe in my opinion the Zexius were in my scope of experience. I WOULD LIKE TO ADD AT LEAST ONE TIRE FAILED COMPLETED AND THE TREAD SEPARATED FROM THE TIRE LIKE SOME CHEAP RETREAD, ONE WRITER QUESTIONED MY REVIEW OF THE SHORTCOMINGS OF THE TIRES I REVIEWED. IF YOU GOOGLE (OHTSU TIRE FAILURES) THE TIRES BY MANUFACTURER NAME YOU WILL NOTE THAT THERE HAVE BEEN RECALLS FOR THE MANUFACTURER'S TIRES AS WELL AS SAFETY BULLETINS.


Clackamas, OR


Siping makes the XI-427 a GREAT tire.


I have 245/45R18 Zexius XI-427 tires on my '04 Audi Allroad Quattro 4.2 Liter 300 HP V8 that I don't baby when I drive it, and -- with the siping from Les Schwab -- they are fabulous grippers; plus, they are a very ROUND tire, they roll VERY nicely with no characteristic out-of-round problems like so many other lesser tires have. My wife also has a set of 225/45R17 Zexius XI-427 tires on her '99 VW New Beetle TDI -- also with the siping added -- and it corners so quickly on those tires, it convinced me to get a set for the Audi, too. I'm glad I did -- they are also VERY quiet, and smooth-riding, and I like the barely audible high-pitched "sing" caused by the siping, but only on extremely smooth roads with brand-new paving (it's a happy, pleasurable sound, lol -- really!). The siping on both sets of tires makes for a tenacious grip in wet, Oregon weather -- although, I admit, I haven't driven either vehicle yet on snow and ice, 'cause those conditions haven't arrived here, yet. The siping probably compensates for the harder rubber compound, effectively making for more micro gripping surfaces, creating an overall greatly improved tire than originally manufactured.


Jacksonville, OR


A quality tire at a reasonably good price.


I put these on an 03 focus and was instantly impressed with the quietness and wet weather performance. Last week another set went on my 5.0 mustang.They seem to handle the extra demands the pony car puts on them (mostly hard cornering) with ease, wet or dry. On both cars they are smooth and vibration free. I recomend them.


Snohomish, WA


Recommended For The Price!


For price vs. quality, this is like buying a Kicker CompVR sub, a great run for the money. I was personally recommended by a personal highschool friend to go this route, given that he not only has them on his camaro, but loves them. I paid 390 out the door for 185 65R 14. Yes....a Geo.


Auburn, CA


Zexius / OHTSU - XI-427

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