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Zentrip Motion Sickness Thin Strips

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Zentrip Motion Sickness Thin Strips did nothing to help my hubby


My husband suffers with motion sickness. The only time he doesn't get it is when he is driving a vehicle. We went on a cruise and he was laying on the bed for the whole time. Same with boats, planes, etc. So I thought I would try a new product called Zentrip. The box has 8 individual sealed strips. It states that they are 'Meclizine Hydrochloride Antiemetic', whatever that is. When you pull back the packaging, there is a 1 inch x 5/8 inch pale yellow strip. It has a faint medicinal smell to it. Len put it on his tongue, and it dissolved. He said that the taste wasn't good, and needed something to take the taste away. That is fine when you are having 1 an hour before traveling. However, that is not good when you have the nausea already. Len didn't find that they worked for him. He took 2 before heading out on a boat, and came back wishing he had never gone.

New Port Richey, FL


Zentrip Motion Sickness Thin Strips

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