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Zeki Capacitive Multi-touch Tablet

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Zeki: don't buy this tablet, period.


This has got to be the worst excuse for a computerized gadget yet. Kids toys work better than this tablet. No apps, crashes constantly, no battery life, touch doesn't work or works too well, directions stink, browser never works, not compatible with Google play and Amazon apps don't download either. I put back to default thinking that would help but all it did was crash after I turned it back on. I tried using Amazon apps again and nothing would download so now I have apps in limbo. Battery Life Always charging. Don't rely on staying away from tether too long, you'll be sorry. Processing Speed Slowest. Remember first computers? 286mb? Weight Only thing good about this Zeki is the weight. App Availability What apps? No Google play and Amazon apps don't download. Zeki apps no good either. Complete waste of time. Design Same as all the others. Durability Quite honestly I wouldn't know. I haven't been able to use for anything, it just sits on my shelf. Ready to toss.



Zeki Capacitive Multi-touch Tablet

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